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Thread: top 11-last year

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    Jenny Gear & Toya Alexis.

    I really liked Jenny's audition. I thought the judges would be dissing her, but to my suprise they were crying.

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    Billy Klippert for sure!

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    It took me a while to become a fan of Billy Klippert.

    According to CDPlus.com, Billy's CD will be released June 15.
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    I Will Vote For Fantasia Barrino American Idol 3!!!

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    If there was a North American Idol, I'd vote for Fantasia.

    Otherwise, if we're keeping with the Canadian Idol topic *ahem* then Toya was definitely my favorite.

    I didn't really like the Top 11 Canadian Idols -- some of them had good performances, but I think they thought they were better than they were. Case and Point: Candida, who thought she was a Power Ballad singer in the same league as Celine and Whitney, but who should have been signing more appropriate non-belt songs. She kept singing show-stoppping numbers, but instead they just stopped her from being on the show. Burrrrn.

    I was a fan of Mikey Bustos at the beginning but then somewhere along the line he became the cheesiest and most annoying personality to me and I began to dislike him.

    I liked Karen, and felt she should have stayed a little longer. I also liked Billy, but I thought he stayed as long as he should have.

    Audrey, I liked a lot -- I thought she should have won, because she seemed marketeably and like she had potential (Something I think the ultimately boring Ryan Malcolm lacks).

    I liked Gary Beals when he sang the Sarah McLachlan song (which I normally don't like) but he made it his own. That was one of the few times when I actually thought 'Hey, that's pretty decent.'

    I was never a big fan of Jenny Gear, but I appreciated her uniqueness and how much people got into her. Also, she got way prettier during the show -- which, being as shallow as I am, was important to me.

    Ryan Malcolm was the one that had the least personality, the least interest to me -- so I guess maybe that's why it's fitting he's the Canadian Idol. haha.

    The other contestants were forgettable. I refuse to believe that they were our 11 best singers in Canada. I really blame the judges on this one, for trying to pick "a diverse range of singers that represent the East to the West, with every race included."

    Hey Judges...Pointer. Maybe let's pick the best *singers* this year. Drop the tokenism; it's actually offensive and insulting.

    Oh Canada, indeed.
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    there were many good people that were left out of the top 11.. the 'groups' were unbalanced.. too many good ones and too many bad ones together.
    I think Andrew Lederer was left off I hope he auditioned again!

    The young woman from Winnipeg that was forced to pull out because she couldn't visit Celine Dion in Las Vegas (we saw what? 30 seconds of that trip :rolleyes ) she had a criminal record so she couldn't travel to the states. ... she could have won it all IMO
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    Candida...but I think I stopped watching after she got kicked out. I didn't really like anyone in the top 11. I sure hope this year's is better!

    Yahtzee! Game on! We will make your life here a living hell. She's constantly in my ear, constantly in my ear. I'll see you in Arizona...with about 50 guys. If you thought you were running sh*t, that's gonna change!

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    Billy and Toya. Toya was totally robbed.

    Although overall, the top 11 was pretty disappointing.
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    My girl Jenny was definitely my favourite original and a kickass voice - you can always tell when someone loves to sing and puts her heart into her music. Billy ran a close second - loved his voice, his look and like Eny, his musical style.
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    Jenny Gear , Candida , and Ryan Malcolm!!!

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