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Thread: American Idol 3 to American Teen

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    thats a good idea, but i would have to agree with john on this one though, the fact that there young makes them more vulnerable to bad crictism, look how simon kept saying stuff about age, sure john handled it well on stage but look how is was one he should have been eliminated and someone else went, and who knows how they act backstage or at the mansion, its a good idea but i dont see it happening i do see the age limits raising for next season though


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    Okay what John is saying is true but at the same time maybe all those kids in the top 12 were so nervous because they were competing againist adults! I know that if I was competeing againist adults i would cry on stage too! But with the AJ's yeah a few of them were nervous but for the most part it was fun for them... except for the season finale but that's like getting off on AI more of the contestants cry of course!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John
    I don't think anyone on AI should be under 18, personally, and I don't want to see anyone younger at all. I don't think they're emotionally mature enough to handle the pressure and criticism of the North American stage.
    I also agree with this statement, John! I do think they should raise the age at the other end so it would be from 18-25 years old!

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