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Thread: A Great Jasmine Interview (but not as good as Lobeck's will be)

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    A Great Jasmine Interview (but not as good as Lobeck's will be)


    Simon Cowell said all of Hawaii needed to vote to send "American Idol" finalist Jasmine Trias to the final three, and as the phone company later attested, they pretty much did. The 17-year-old from Mililani, Hawaii, won over more than her home state, however, garnering a huge fanbase with her smooth voice, friendly smile and supportive family.

    Q: A lot of people thought that your crying last week helped you advance.

    Jasmine Trias: I cried because I knew I didn't give my best performance and to hear it rubbed in just hurt. And I guess America responded to that, but I don't know, I'm only human and people cry.

    Q: Describe your feelings when La Toya was eliminated.

    Trias: It was a weird situation to handle. She had a really good performance and I didn't. I should have gone. But at the same time, we all worked hard and all deserve to be there. I was happy, I was sad, I was upset, I was everything. Every Wednesday was like that.

    Q: What made you decide to get rid of the flower?

    Trias: I thought I was going to wear the flower along the way, but as the show goes on, your style starts to change and you start to transform into a star and I felt like I wanted to get rid of the flower. I'm not going to wear it for the rest of my life. I wanted to change things up.

    Q: What are your thoughts on Simon saying you and some of the others are too young for the competition?

    Trias: I don't think age is such a big thing. Age is just a date, it depends on how mature you are and how you handle things.

    Q: A lot has been said about the disadvantages of being young, but what about the advantages?

    Trias: I guess you appeal to the younger crowd. And starting off young is an advantage, because you have a lot of room to grow.

    Q: What did you feel about the song Paula Abdul chose for you, "Mr. Melody"?

    Trias: It was a challenge. I love Natalie Cole, but it was more of a big-band song. You know what, though, I actually liked the song. It was very fun and you could do a lot with it. And it was my first time scatting.

    Q: When Clive Davis choose "All By Myself" for you, did it cross your mind that La Toya had sung it earlier in the season?

    Trias: It did, but I couldn't change it. It was a challenge, but I thought I did a good job with it.

    Q: Who was your favorite celebrity judge?

    Trias: I think Barry Manilow was the best because he actually worked with us on our songs and gave us advice on how to perform it and sing it.

    Q: Your dad went from jeans and a T-shirt to a suit. What happened?

    Trias: You know, 'American Idol' does makeovers. Well, 'American Idol' didn't actually do the makeover on my dad, he just wanted to look presentable, because he was on TV every week. He would never otherwise wear a suit.

    Q: He apparently makes a pretty mean breakfast. What's his specialty?

    Trias: He makes French toast, bacon, eggs, pancakes, sausage. Every morning he would make breakfast for all of us because he knew how busy we were and how late we were up that night. Otherwise we wouldn't have had breakfast.

    Q: What do you think about Matt Rogers and Leah LaBelle not being invited for the summer tour?

    Trias: I think the top 12 should be able to go. But I don't set the rules.

    Q: The judges often said Fantasia was the one to beat. Did it feel that way at the house?

    Trias: When it's show day, everyone brings on their game, but backstage, we don't talk about the show that much. We just hang out and relax to get our minds off show day. I don't think anyone was jealous of Fantasia. Everyone was so different and it doesn't matter what the judges say, it's what America wants.

    Q: Who's your pick to win?

    Trias: They're very talented and very different. I think either can take it.

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    Interesting interview. Thanks for sharing AIWannabe. Looks like Jasmine has learned the art of diplomacy at a very young age.

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    Thanks for posting. That was an interesting interview.

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    FORT Fogey
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    Yeah she handled that well; good for her. While I was tough on her particularly after the LaToya thing, she is a very talented - and attractive - young girl. If she works hard enough, she can do well.

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    Good interview. Thanks for posting it, AIW!

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    golly, my jas is so mature for her age! she has more than enough to look back on this experience and grow from it - from the highest highs and the lowest lows. i loved how she answered to the judges' picks of songs. i loved "mr. melody" and i thought she was great on "all by myself." i'm glad she left with her head up high!!!

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    Good interview! I'm glad she was able to show that a lot of the inappropriate smiling she did when LaToya left was not necessarily reflective of how she felt. Happy as well that she doesn't seem to be affected by all the negativity thrown her way.

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    Great interview aiwannabe! My admiration for jasmine increased a hundredfold upon reading this interview. And i totally agree with Jasmine, she did great with "All By Myself" considering the huge challenge that song posed for her.

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    Wow! Maybe it's posted in another thread but I didn't know Matt and Leah weren't invited to do the tour. What's up with that?

    Nevermind, Yep it's posted in the concert thread. Only the top 10 get to go
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    wow, thanks for that article...i like her more after reading that...i hope she becomes successful in her career

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