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Thread: Jasmine Fans Who Will You Vote For?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StevieM
    George, LaToya and Fantasia were my hopes for the final 3.

    LaToya was my favorite for awhile then I got to liking Fantasia more. Just love her performances (especially Summertime)

    She grew on us (me and my fam watch together and vote the same)

    We love her and will vote as much as we can. Only got 3 votes in last week.
    Diana is ? I don't know. I don't really enjoy her performances. I feel like she is yelling and find her annoying for some reason. I wish her and all of them the best though.

    I hope Fantasia wins. Jasmine I liked a lot in the beginning but, then thought she went downhill. Very cute girl and very talented - I hope she does well.
    Fantasia sounds like no one else though (I hate the comparisons to Macy Grey) even though I thought the same WAY back.
    She can sing anything.

    I still miss George!!
    You are reading my mind!!! I miss my George. I'll probably vote Fantasia.

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    #1 chris fan kenjixs's Avatar
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    i will be voting like crazy for fantasia, fantasia is number 3 in my list of favorites from this season, jasmine being number 1 and amy number 2, there both gone so looks like im supporting bobo, besides ive never liked diana, thats why shes at the bottom of the list


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    I'm bacckkk LiVvV's Avatar
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    Diana because she's the only one who make a great improvement since the beginning of the show, and she's not too overrated like Fantasia..please..

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    obviously i can't vote...but my parents and my brothers and sisters would give some votes to someone that deserve the title better...but not as massive like that for jasmine

    personally, i would vote for diana since technically she is better than fantasia...tasia's voice rubs me the wrong way sometimes but her "Summertime" was the best this season IMHO...if she sings something like that once again i believe she will win it

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    Who will I vote for?

    Yes,i think my vote will definitely move to Diana Degarmo.She is the second favourite of me from the top 12 finalist.She is young,and energy,and i think she is more charming than Fantasia.I dislike Fantasia's personality,yes,i must agree that she is unique in this competition,but sometimes her attitude is annoyed me.(I had said many times of it) :phhht I hope Diana will win coz i think she probably will become next Kelly Clarkson.She has a great voice and she manage to sing various type of songs especially Disco and up-tempo songs.
    Hopefully she is American Idol this year....YEAH!

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    Dr. Woo
    Since Jaz is out I'll be voting for FANTASIA!

    Go Fantasia===>Quenn of Funk and Soul!

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    Dr. Woo
    Did I just spell that?!? What the heck is a Quenn anyway?
    Jeesh, I ment **Queen**!
    I'll just hang my head and go now....

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    Mr. Obvious
    Quote Originally Posted by elfin_sprite
    Something tells me a lot of the Jasmine fans will be giving their fingers a rest this week. She captured the imagination of the fans in a way Fantasia and Diana just can't approximate (even if they both are more talented performers). JMO.
    Exactly why I won't be voting.

    I'm rooting for Fantasia, however.

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    These are my favorites and what I wish would have been the results~
    1. Fantasia Barrino
    2. LaToya London
    3. Jennifer Hudson
    4. Camille Velasco
    5. Amy Adams
    6. JPL
    7. John Stevens
    8. Leah LaBelle
    9. George Huff
    10.Matt Rogers
    11. Diana Degarmo
    12. Jasmine Trias

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