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Thread: Fantasia vs. Diana Finale

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    I think alot of Diana's weaker performances earlier on were the weeks she was fighting off the cold/sore throat her, Jasmine, and George battled. My 2cents:

    Diana - Powerful voice, yet as she shown tues, can tone it down and soften things up... great raw performing ability... yes, she is still 16.. but has good stage presence already. Works well with the crowd, and seems comfortable on stage. I see her as highly marketable in multiple markets, including tv/movies. Her cute bubbly personality will work well.

    Fantasia - I personally don't care for the tone of her voice in most songs.. too nasally/maci gray-ish... but she is a good performer, and does add her own flavor to each song... which is a good thing. She is unique, which isn't a bad thing, BUT it can limit her marketability... I kind of see Fantasia in the same light that I saw Ruben.... and trust me, I saw him in concert in LA a few months ago..and he was TERRIBLE!! The first couple songs were good, but after that he sucked! Raspy, out of breath, and no versitility at all. All the songs sounded the same... My wife and I both agreed..it was the LAST we would ever pay to see him.

    I would be comfortable with either of the girls winning... I'm leaning more towards Diana, but the bottom line is.... my vote will go to who earns it next week!

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    I hope Diana wins...never been a Fan of Fantasia's whole schtick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by futuremoviestar
    I think they're singing the same song. Last night Tamyra said that she cowrote their song. I kinda liked it better last year so they could release their singles at the same time.

    Actually, I think the reason it was that way last year is that there was SO MUCH interest in both Ruben and Clay. To have a final vote as close as that would in research circles be deemed a tie. So they needed to have both artists release singles.......to pacify both sets of fans.

    This year, in contrast, there isn't as much interest in any one contestant much less 2. I like the idea that they'll be singing the same song.

    Think back to season 1. Going into the finale, Justin was the odds on favorite to win. But then they hear him and Kelly sing the same song, and he's dead in the water. It is going to go by who people like the best singing the same song.

    I think it's easy to compare (although I already know where my votes are going) contestant a to contestant b with the same song. I think the outcome would have been different last year if both sung the same song (and I was very pro-Ruben last year). Ruben got the better single (more catchy and flowy). That helped Ruben win. In this case, with both women singing the same song, there won't be a controversy...........unless the song is skewed in favor of one contestant or the other (like season 1 seemed to be).

    If it's a power ballad (like A Moment Like This which I swear was written for a Tamyra-Kelly final), then Diana has the edge. If it's more of a soulful uptempo number, Fantasia has the advantage. But if it's just a good popish song, then I think America will end up voting on who they prefer singing it. And that is the way it should be.
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    [QUOTE=CTyler]Okay, I thought this would give everyone a chance to discuss the two finalists. Let's keep this thread about the talent/singing ability of the two. There are already enough threads discussing **other** issues.

    In all honesty, from day one Fantasia and Diane have been my favorites.

    I never could appreciate those who said Diane's performance's were merely "func tional", lacking the ability to connect. She's steadily grown, always met the challenge, and never made excuses...... and the girl can flat out sing!

    Fantasia on the other hand is rightfully the heir to the American Idol throne. On her worse night, she was better than most, and her best, "Summertime" was the performance standard that others will be compared to. No matter the style, country western or Latin, she stepped up and gave it a great ole' "bobo" effort.

    My heart does not want to make a choice, but I must, for Fantasia deserves her crown!!
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    Neither is my first choice. They are both talented and deserving so, it really doesn't matter to me. Both can look forward to a lot of offers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    Neither is my first choice. They are both talented and deserving so, it really doesn't matter to me. Both can look forward to a lot of offers.

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    Diana can sing, but she honestly doesn't sound any different to me than a lot of other singers. I am not sure that the world needs another celine dion type.
    Fantasia, however, has something different. She can sing as well, but she stands out because of her personality and her take on every song that she does. She has more than just a great set of pipes.

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    I'll be happy with either of them as the new American Idol, but right now I'm leaning toward Fantasia.

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    Fantasia = The IT Factor!

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    You know...since my last post.... I just wnet back through, and listened to all of the songs by both Diana and Fantasia...and I must say... Diana can DEFFINATELY sing circles around Fantasia... the control, the power, the range... it's all there. Fantasia is the better performer...to some extent... BUT, Diana is also a VERY natural performer as well. One big thing I've noticed... Fantasia is the same... and hasn't changed a bit since the beginning fo the competition...where as with Diana, you can see her performances getting better, and better and better.....

    Kind of reminds me of Clay... and look where he is now?!?!

    I'd highly recommed that everyone go back, and re watch/listen to all of their performances and see for yourself..

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