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Thread: Favorite/Best performances this season

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    1. Diana- ALL OF THEM!!!!
    2. Amy- "Sin Wagon"
    3. La Toya- " Ain't Goin Down Until The Sun Comes Up"
    4. La Toya- "All By Myself"
    5. Fantasia- "Signed Sealed Delivered"
    6. Fantasia- "What are you doing the rest of your life?"
    7. Jennifer- "No one Else On Earth"

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    "Inseparable" - Jasmine
    "Summertime" - Fantasia
    "All By Myself" - Latoya
    "Don't Cry Out Loud" - Diana
    "Take Me To The Pilot" - George
    "Fool In Love" - Fantasia
    "Weekend in New England" - Jennifer

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    1. Fantasia - Summertime
    2. Fantasia - Heard it through the grapevine
    3. Jennifer Hudson - I Have nothing
    4. Latoya London - Somewhere
    5. Fantasia - Chain of fools
    Praise seitan!

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    Fantasia "Summertime"
    Latoya "All by Myself"
    JPL "A little less conversation"

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    1. Circle of Life - Jennifer (The best AI performance ever)
    2. Don't Leave Me This Way - LaToya (The best AI performer ever)
    3. All By Myself - LaToya
    4. Somewhere - LaToya
    5. Summertime - Fantasia (Beautifully done)
    6. Take Me to the Pilot - George (George at his best)
    7. Weekend in New England - Jennifer
    8. Don't Rain on My Parade - LaToya
    9. Inseparable - Jasmine (A lovely voice but not much range. When she picked the right song, Jas was very good.)
    10. Ain't Too Proud to Beg - George
    11. Think - Diana (Di is better at songs of this type than ballads. She has the pipes for ballads, but her personality comes out a lot more on songs like Think)
    12. Sin Wagon - Amy (I wasn't an Amy fan, but she was great on this song.)

    If I went on to list my top 20, Di and Tasia would have more songs in the 2nd 10 than they do in my top 12. Di has a great voice but doesn't really move me, and Fantasia...I picked her to win when I first saw her in the audtions because she is so good and so different, but - her voice and style wear on me at times. I nearly always think Tasia is good, but except for Summertime, her performances are not my favorites.

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    In no order:
    Fantasia "Summertime", "Chain of Fools", "Fool in Love"
    JPL " A Little Less Conversation"
    George " Ain't too Proud to Beg", "Take me to the Pilot"
    Jennifer - I'm drawing a blank on the name of the song - She sang it on Soul night - the Aretha Franklin one - somebody help me out with it... Simon and Randy got into an argument about it because Simon said she oversang and Randy said "Dawg, you must not have ever heard that song sung by Aretha"..

    Anyway, those are the songs that made me sit up and take notice.

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    In no particular order

    Dont Cry Out Loud-Diana
    No More Tears-Diana
    Turn The Beat Around-Diana
    One Voice-Diana
    Broken Wing-Diana
    Lets Give Em Something to talk about-Fantasia
    Chain of Fools-Fantasia
    Latoya-All By Myself
    Goerge-Take Me to the pilot
    Amy-Sin Wagon
    I really liked Camille's first audition she just got lost somewhere along the way

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    Mine are

    Fantasia - Summertime
    Fantasia - What Are You Doing...
    LaToya - All By Myself
    LaToya - Dont Rain On My Parade
    George - Dock Of The Bay
    Jasmine - Inseparable
    Jasmine - Ill Never Love This Way Again
    Diana - No More Tears
    Diana - Dont Cry Out Loud
    Jennifer - Circle Of Life

    but personal faves -

    Camile - Son Of A Preacher Man
    Camile - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (results)
    JPL- Drift Away
    Fantasia - Signed Sealed Delivered

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    Quote Originally Posted by kit_kat90
    I really liked Camille's first audition she just got lost somewhere along the way
    Very true. I had a soft spot for Camile and had high hopes for her, but the audition was her best performance in AI - aside from the CD. I still think she will do well post-AI, though.

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    What...the rest of your life
    Something to talk about
    all 3 b Fantasia

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