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Thread: American Idol 3, Top 3 Results: The Stage Is Now Set

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    American Idol 3, Top 3 Results: The Stage Is Now Set

    What would the penultimate American Idol Results Show be without Dramatic Voiceover Man? Yes, folks, he’s back. He starts off tonight’s show with the ominous sounding, "It’s the moment of truth…Who is your final two? Find out tonight—LIVE!—on American Idol!" We then hear the familiar theme music and see the regular opening credits, and the show is officially underway. Ryan walks out onto the stage to welcome us to the show, and he asks, "Who’s it going to be, America?" Since tonight’s Results Show is an hour long (yes, an hour long), you know there’s going to be all kinds of filler, whether it is cheesy video pieces, a group number or two, or some "special guests". Ryan tells us that we do indeed have not one but two special guests on this evening's show. Season 1 finalist Tamyra Gray is with us tonight, and she'll be singing two songs from her upcoming CD "Dreamer" this evening. Also on the show is the reigning Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian. Now, I knew that Tamyra was going to be on the show, but I didn't know about Guy, so that's a nice surprise. I remember him from the World Idol competition show, and I really enjoyed his performance. Hopefully, he'll be as good tonight as he was then.

    Moving on, Ryan introduces the judges and then the three remaining finalists. They all may be shaking in their boots at this point, but you couldn't tell by looking at them. They all are very composed, and they all look really nice this evening. After introducing the finalists, Ryan turns to the camera and says, "We put them through the wringer so you could make the right decision." It sounds to me like he's saying, "If the 'right' people don't get through tonight, hey…don't blame us." I want to say that one of those two spots in the finals is pretty much a given, but, as past results this season have shown, what actually will happen is pretty much anybody's guess. We then see a video recap of last night's performances, and we get to see a little of the good and a little of the bad from each of the girls. We see Clive Davis telling Jasmine that she did "rather well" with her rendition of "Saving All My Love For You", but then we see Simon telling Jasmine that "this has to end tonight". There's Paula describing Diana's performance of "Don't Cry Out Loud" as "flawless", and there's Simon telling her she shouted her way through "Ain't No Mountain High Enough". There's Clive telling Fantasia he'd sign her right away if this weren't a competition, and there's Simon telling her that her rendition of "Fool In Love" was the worst thing he'd ever heard. (Of course, Simon was kidding, but hey…it was the closest Fantasia came to getting a negative critique all night.)

    We come back from a commercial break, and it's time for Ryan to <s>kill some time</s> find out what the girls are thinking as they await these all-important results. He asks each of them if they think they've done enough to win. What…does he think one of them is actually going to say, "You know, I probably didn't. I mean, I just wanted to come out here to Hollywood and party. The results don't really matter to me. Win, lose, whatever…"? Anyway, Jasmine says, "Yeah. I mean, every week I go out there and to my best. I think I've done more than enough." You've got some fanatical support(ers) out there, Jasmine, that's for sure. But, if you wanted to ensure a place for yourself in the finals, Jasmine, you probably could have (and should have) done just a bit more. Fantasia says, "I just have fun on the stage. Every week, I try to come up with something different." You definitely do come up with something different each week, Fantasia. I mean, who would have thought that "Holding Out For A Hero" was a disco song? You did great last night, but there have been some really unexpected voting results this season. Who knows what will happen when Ryan reveals who's going home tonight. Finally, Diana says, "I try to come with 400% every night. I've done the best I can do, and hopefully America will agree." You've definitely come on strong these last few weeks, Diana. But, is it enough to propel you into the finals? We'll know the answer to that before the end of tonight's show.

    It's time for tonight's first special guest. Making her second appearance on the show this season is Season 1 finalist Tamyra Gray. Ryan tells us that she's here to sing a song from her upcoming CD "Dreamer", and the song is called "Star". With that, Tamyra walks out onto the stage, and the girl looks frighteningly thin to me. Her barely-there top looks like nothing more than a scarf that has been bunched up and wrapped around her chest, and her jeans look like they could fall off her hips at any second. Of course, that may be just the look she's going for, but I'm not sure. I like the song well enough, and as Tamyra sings it, the video screen behind her shows highlights (and some lowlights) from the season. I could have done without seeing Matt Rogers in a bubble bath again, but I had to chuckle when they showed Jon Peter Lewis having trouble getting out from the back seat of the SUV that first dropped the finalists off in Hollywood. I have to say I had kind of forgotten about Leah Labelle, but there's no way that I could ever forget Amy Adams and her shocking pink hair. Anyway, the video clips are a nice accompaniment to Tamyra's song, and Miss Gray sounds great (as always) tonight. I definitely like this song more than that song she sang the last time she was on the show, "Raindrops Will Fall". Tamyra finishes the song to a great round of applause from the audience, and we then head into another commercial break. Don't forget that this is an hour-long Results Show, folks. We'll be heading into commercial breaks a lot this evening…

    We come back from the break, and it's time to meet our second special guest of the evening. It's Guy Sebastian, the winner of the first season of Australian Idol. For those who don't know who Guy is (and I'm guessing that most people), we're shown a video piece tracing Guy's journey from his first audition in Adelaide to winning the title in Sydney to appearing on World Idol just a few months ago. We learn that Guy's first CD shot straight to #1 on the Australian charts and that it has gone quintuple platinum since. At this point, Guy comes out on the stage to say hello to the audience and to chat with Ryan for a brief moment. Ryan asks Guy if he has any advice for the remaining finalists, and he says, "Take it all in. It is such an incredible experience. Just take it all in." I can't be sure, but I think he wants the girls to take it all in. Guy sings his first Australian hit, "Angels Brought Me Here", and I notice a few things almost immediately. First of all, the song is a pretty standard sappy ballad. There's nothing really unique about it. Secondly, as much as I enjoyed Guy's rendition of "What A Wonderful World" on the World Idol show, his voice sounds really annoying tonight. It's almost like I'm listening to Stevie Wonder with a cold or something. If Guy is the person who won, it makes me wonder what the runner-up sounds like. Finally, I wonder how Guy would have fared if he had been a contestant on this season of American Idol. I think he could have made the Top 12, but I don't know that he could have won the whole thing. A finish in the Top 5 or 6, perhaps, but I think that's probably about it.

    Rather than head into another commercial at this point, Ryan tells us that we're going to review the finalists' performance one at a time (just like last week). First up is Jasmine, and, before being reminded of what the judges had to say about Jasmine's performances last night, we are shown some video that was shot when Jasmine made a brief trip back to Hawaii this past week. We see Jasmine meeting the lieutenant governor, who declares the day to be "Jasmine Trias Day". We then see Jasmine at an autograph session, and we then see her pay a visit to her high school, where she thanks everyone there for their love and support. After that, it's off to a torch-lighting ceremony at the Sheraton Waikiki hotel, and then it's time for Jasmine to say goodbye to family and friends and return to the mainland for this week's show. The video ends, and we come back to the stage to rehash what the judges said about Jasmine's performances from the night before. Basically, Jasmine, you were hit-and-miss with the judges last night, and, unfortunately, you were a "miss" more often than you were a "hit". But, it's not the judges who decide who stays in the competition; it's the American public. What did they think? Ryan tells us that we'll find out…after the break. Of course, we all know by now that's really code for "We're going to wait until the very last possible minute to announce the results, and we'll put in a whole bunch of filler between now and then."

    We come back from the break, and, sure enough, we don't find out Jasmine's fate. Instead, it's time for Ryan to chat with Tamyra Gray for a bit. Tamyra announces that she has co-written the single that will be released by this season's winner. The song is called "I Believe", and, while it will be sung by both finalists on the finale next week, it will only be released by the winner as a commercial single. Tamyra also announces that her CD, "Dreamer", will be released next Tuesday. (Hmm…that's the same day that the DVD version of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is being released. I wonder which one will sell more the first day...) Ryan then tells us that Tamyra is going to sing another song. Is it her version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"? No, it's that insipid "Raindrops Will Fall". Now, Tamyra sounds great, but I just don't like the song. It's kind of like that song of Ruben Studdard's, "Sorry 2004". It's not a knock against the person singing the song; it's just that the song does absolutely nothing for me. But, like I said, Tamyra sounds wonderful, and she finishes to thunderous applause from the audience.

    It's time for our next "Trip Home" video, and this time we go to High Point, North Carolina, the home of Fantasia Barrino. Fantasia's trip starts out with a radio interview, and then it's off to a local television station for another bit of chit-chat. After that, we see Fantasia visit her old elementary school, where she asks the kids if they've been watching the show and tells them, "Do your work and stay in school." From the school, we go with Fantasia to the furniture factory where her grandfather used to work. After that, it's off to meet with the city council, who gives her the key to the city. Finally, the trip winds up with a visit to Mercy Outreach Church, where the congregation welcomes home one of its own and throws a good old-fashioned pot-luck dinner. When we come back to the stage, Ryan asks Fantasia if she had any chitlins. Fantasia says she didn't, but she tells him, "I had some pigs' feet." (OK, euwww. Just eeeeuuuuwwwwww. I've seen pickled pigs' feet in the store, but I don't care. No matter how you disguise them, they are still the feet of a pig.) It's then time to review what the judges had to say about Fantasia's performances on Tuesday's show. Basically, Fantasia, you could apparently do no wrong in the judges' eyes, and the worst review you got was Simon sarcastically panning one of your performances. Will you be in the finals? Ryan tells us that we'll all find out—when?—right after the break.

    We come back from the break, and it's now time to go home to Georgia with Diana Degarmo. Diana's first stop on her trip home is to the local FOX affiliate's morning news show, where we see her playing weathergirl for a few minutes. Funnily enough, with a little practice and experience under her belt, I could actually see Diana doing that job. From the television station, we head to Diana's house, where her two Miniature Dachshunds are so excited to see her that they could just pee all over the floor. Of course, depending on how housebroken they are, that might have been just what they did. After the stop at home, it's off to meet the mayor of Snellville, who lets Diana "play Mayor" for the day. Taking advantage of the situation, Diana immediately orders the "Welcome to Snellville" sign be made bigger. From City Hall, we accompany Diana to a CD signing at what looks to be a Wal-Mart, but I'm not sure. After that, we go to Shiloh High School, where Diana's fellow students welcome her back with lots of applause, cheering, pom-pom waving, etc. Diana is given her own letter jacket, which she gladly accepts and takes back with her to California. We come back to the stage, and it's time to remind ourselves of what the judges thought of Diana's performances the night before. Diana, you might have started off a little shaky with "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", but you ended on a strong note with "Don't Cry Out Loud". Was that enough to get you into the finals? Ryan tells us that we'll all know soon…right after the break.

    We come back from the break (thankfully, the last one of the evening), and the three finalists have assembled at center stage. Before reading the results, Ryan goes to the judges for some comments. He asks Randy for his opinion, and Randy says, "I hope the right two make it through." He asks Paula what she would say to the person who leaves the show tonight, and she says, "Continue to live your dream and just go for it." Finally, he asks Simon for a comment, and Simon says, "I want to congratulate all three of you. Last night was one of the best shows in a long time." Ryan cannot put off the inevitable any longer, and it is time to announce the results. Ryan opens the envelope and announces that the person leaving the show tonight is…Jasmine Trias. Jasmine smiles and nods her head almost as if she was expecting the news. Ryan tells Jasmine that even though she received fewer votes than Fantasia or Diana this week, she will play a part in next week's finale. Ryan pulls a quarter out of his pocket and says that Jasmine will flip the coin to determine the singing order for next week's show. Ryan asks either Fantasia or Diana to call it in the air, and before Jasmine can even flip the coin, Fantasia calls out, "Heads". Diana chuckles, shrugs her shoulders, and says, "Tails". Jasmine then flips the coin, and it does indeed come up "Heads". Since Fantasia won the coin toss, Ryan gives her the choice of singing first or second on next week's final show. Fantasia chooses to sing second, so that means that Diana will start off the show next week. Those two head over to the Couch of Safety, and we are shown Jasmine's "tribute video". When the video ends, Jasmine thanks all her fans for their love and support, and Ryan then asks her to sing once more. Jasmine obliges, and she sings "Inseparable" one final time. I’m glad she sings this, because I think it was probably her best performance of the season. Anyway, now that the pressure is off, Jasmine belts out the song, and she sounds really good. As she continues to sing, the end credits start to roll across the screen, and the show comes to an end.

    Well, the stage is set for next week's finale showdown. Fantasia Barrino will battle it out with Diana Degarmo for the chance to be crowned the newest American Idol. What will they sing? How will they look? Will Ryan finally put on a tie? Will Paula finally take that bandage off her thumb? The only way to find out the answers to these questions is to tune in next week and see for yourself!

    Until then…Lobeck…out!

    To contact the author of this recap, send e-mail to lobeck@fansofrealitytv.com.

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    Great recap as always, lobeck!

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    Thanks, Lobeck!

    There's been some really interesting discussion and debate going on at the "Spoilers" thread!

    I was happy to see Jasmine leave!

    HAS ANYONE BEEN TO HAWAII? What a welcome home Jasmine received!
    Wonderful place - warm people!

    Fantasia is a better performer. Diane is (to me) the better singer.

    IMO, <i> American Idol</i> has much more to gain by having Fantasia be the <i> American Idol!
    Last edited by Kariann1; 05-20-2004 at 02:54 AM.

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    da huffinator
    Wow nice recap man. Very in depth and funny

    That Guy Sebastian guy sounded like Rickey Smith (which is okay imo) and Tamyra sounded really good.

    Jasmine will be missed, she was sweet and very talented. I'm sure her family as well as the rest of Hawaii will have the biggest luau ever in the history of the Hawaiian Islands. Don't be sad Jas fans, she'll be at the concert tour rockin it out. Don't forget her exotic look and humble personality will earn her a record deal easily.

    Wow can't wait till the finale. Fantasia vs. Diana. Bobo vs. Hoho . Just kidding. Diana's got mad singing skillz, it should be a close one again this year. But I don't care to much about next week's performances but rather the return of.....

    George Huff! Take us to the pilot George. I can't wait!!

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    I look forward to your review almost as much as the show. It completes the whole experience to check in and see your opinion which is (almost) always right on. "Lobeck ...Out" was cute the first time, but watch out - you may be catching something from Ryan.

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    yes, thanks again.

    I thought Jasmine sounded very good this week and really good tonight. I think that they all did a decent job last night, if not just a bit safe and on the sappy song side.

    Maybe it is all the experience since season 1, but Tamyra sounded amazing. Her stage presence is equally strong. Still, I wonder if writing her own songs was a good move.

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    Great job, Lobes.
    I didn't really care for either of Tamyra's songs, but her voice was exceptional. Didn't really care for Guy's performance either. That song he sang was so sappy, so that could've been the problem because his voice was so so.

    Best wishes to Jasmine.

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    This is gonna be a great final I think. For me, Diana has the better voice and better personality. Fantasia is unique and is the better performer as far as making the song her own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superfly
    This is gonna be a great final I think. For me, Diana has the better voice and better personality. Fantasia is unique and is the better performer as far as making the song her own.
    We are relieved that Jasmine is gone. It could have been better if we had a Latoya-Fantasia finale. But we could've said the same for a Tamyra-Kelly finale two seasons ago. At least this would be better than the Kelly-Justin finale.

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    Awww... Jasmine!
    I'll miss you!
    Come out with a CD and I'd definitely buy it!

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