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Thread: Clive Davis Comments on Last Night's (5/18) Show

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    I have a hard time listening to glory note after glory note. Diana can belt with the best of them, but it's the soft, quiet passages that really challenge a vocalist's talents. To my ears, Diana is not as successful with slower, more melodic songs. So, I'd have to say that she's not quite ready for prime time, and I rather thought that this was what Clive was referring to.

    It was also my impression that Clive thought Fantasia was ready. She can wail until your toenails curl -- and then turn around and deliver remarkably nuanced and subtle songs like "Summertime" "What Are You Doing."

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    ONe: They are both very beautiful & more importantly dont look like the freaks on the scene right now. Thin does not equal gorgeous. Please our country really need to appreciate sexy stong bodies. Diana's legs are hard core tough taught and wonderful. Fantasia is booty licsious.

    Two: Diana isn't star quality and Clive knows it. He might sign her when shes older, but he doesn't really care about things like that, he'll forget about her and enxt year raise the age limit.

    three: Avril & Christina, Britany & Nora, Madonna & Cher, Missy & Mary J, they all have carved out niches for themsleves. I see a place for Fantasia, she different from all of them. Diana, hmmmmm, she doesn't distiguish herself to make her a star. Thats where the Jo(h)ns, Camille, Jennifer, Amy, & Tasia all stood out, not that all were good singers, but they were all fun to watch, to have as a personaliy. Its hard being a bit too boring. Snellville = snoreville.

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    Quote Originally Posted by superfly
    She doesn't have a weight problem. As long as she picks her clothes right, she doesn't even look chubby.
    Actually she kind of has that 3 month prego look in amost everything she weres, even in black she doesn't look as chubby but still you can tell shes a little chunky. The only thing she looks hot in is tight jeans.

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