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Thread: Rank your top 12!

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    Rank your top 12!

    Hey every one! Rank your top 12 from 1 being the best and 12 being the worst! Heres mine:

    1. Amy Adams
    2. Diana DeGarmo
    3. La Toya London
    4. Fantasia Barrino
    5. Jennifer Hudson
    6. Jon Peter Lewis
    7. Matt Rogers
    8. Camile Velasco
    9. Leah LaBelle
    10. Jasmine Trias
    11. George Huff
    12. John Stevens

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    Mine's in my signature, but I'll list anyway

    1. George Huff
    2. Fantasia Barrino
    3. Latoya London
    4. Jennifer Hudson
    5. Amy Adams
    6. Diana DeGarmo
    7. Jasmine Trias
    8. Matthew Rogers
    9. John Peter Lewis
    10. Camile Velasco
    11. John Stevens
    12. Leah Labelle
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    1. Fantasia Barrino
    2. Diana DeGarmo
    3. Jasmine Trias
    4. Jon Peter Lewis
    5. LaToya London
    6. George Huff
    7. Camile Velasco
    8. Jennifer Hudson
    9. Amy Adams
    10. John Stevens
    11. Matt Rogers
    12. Leah LaBelle

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    1. Diana
    2. Amy
    3. LaToya
    4. George
    5. Matt
    6. JPL
    7. Jasmine
    8. Jennifer
    9. Camile
    10. Fantasia
    11. Leah
    12. John

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    1. Latoya London
    2.Jennifer Hudson
    3. George Huff
    4. Fantasia Barrino
    5. Leah Labelle
    6. Diana Degarmo
    7. Amy Adams
    8. John Stevens
    9. Camille Valasco
    10. Jasmine Trias
    11. JPL
    12. Matt Rogers (why exactly was he in the top 12?)

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    1. Jennifer Hudson (she should've won, dammit)
    2. Diana Degarmo (she's my jennifer-replacement)
    3. George Huff (so fun and lovable)
    4. Fantasia Barrino (i like the way she connects with her songs, didn't love her at first now, i'm warming up to her)
    5. Amy Adams (she left too early)
    6. Camile Velasco (had a lot of potential, imo)
    7. Latoya London (was a mechanical singing robot)
    8. John Stevens (he has an old style)
    9. Jasmine Trias (she should have sung songs more suited for her voice)
    10. Leah Lebelle (i think i made up my mind too early for her.. it was the fault of her mother, she seemed fame-hungry)
    11. Matt Rogers (he sold out)
    12. Jon Peter Lewis (he didn't have much of a singing style.. just a dancing style)
    Something I wasn't sure of, but I was in the middle of, Something I forget now - Keane, This is the last time

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    1. Fantasia (Can't deny her talent. She was meant to do this. That's the vibe I get, anyway. And she IS a sweetheart)
    2. Jennifer (I loved her crazy eyes and passion)
    3. JPL (Don't judge me)
    4. Latoya (I admire and respect her, but could not grow to love her or her voice)
    5. Diana
    6. George
    7. Camille (I like her. Sue me)
    8. Amy
    9. Matt
    10. John (he was #2 for me after his audition and slipped lower and lower every, single week)
    11. Jasmine (Never was into her voice. Never. She's by no means awful, but she wasn't for me, that's for sure)
    12. Leah

    I'm not making any grand claims about "talent" or anything. These are just my preferences and biases at play.

    Edited to add: JP did have a singing style. He had several, actually (LOL). He always seemed to be trying to figure out which one worked. He never quite got there. As for longevity, he is a musician and he writes his own music...it might be really good, it might not be. I think he has a decent enough voice that might actually make him a good frontman for a band. Plus, it's unique. And he won't have to ever belt out a ballad if he doesn't want to. In his own genre, he could very well be along for the long haul. He may have played the clown, but that's not all he is.
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    1.Fantasia:One of the best singers, the best performer a star.
    2.Latoya:The best singer, a star.
    3.Amy Adama:One of the best singers, will be a star.
    4.Jen:Should be a star one day
    5.Geoege Huff:Will be a succsesful singer, posibly a star.
    6.Camille:With the right music, will be a star.
    7.Diana:Can sing, will be a marketable star but wont last long.
    8.Jasmin:same as above.
    9.JPL:Might be a novelty star but not long.
    10.Matt Rogersone
    11.Leah LaBelle:Withh vocal training and some years, she might be succesful.
    12.John Stevens:Will be a marketble crooner, might last but the novelty will die soon.

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    1. Diana
    2. Latoya
    (HUGE GAP)
    3. Fantasia
    4. George
    5. Amy
    6. Jennifer
    7. Jasmine
    8. Leah
    9. JPL
    10. Camile
    11. Matt
    12. John Stevens

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