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Thread: My idea for next season...a VOTE BACK!

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    ^^ YES! That's what the show is about... if you don't like it don't watch it and complain about it!

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    finding no one
    i think the system works great this way...i mean,its AMERICAN IDOL,you're looking for someone people idolise enough to painstakingly vote and vote hour after hour,you're looking for people who have the largest or most loyal fanbases.

    the producers are looking for an idol whose fans are willing to literally idolise their favourites to the extent of working their butts out to keep them in the competition.so i think its a good system ,unless their motivation for the competition is to look for the best singer/performer/whatever regardless of how devoted their fans are.in that case maybe jennifer/latoya deserved to stay and should be brought back.but that is not the case...so...i'll say just live with it.

    i think its ok to argue about who sucked or who sang real well but i guess all this talk about who should/should not be voted off is kind of pointless. becasue it IS the IDOL show.its about the fans...its not about having the talent or right to win,its about the support.and most of the top twelve have people out there who sincerely prefer them over the rest and sincerely love their style,so maybe we shouldnt harp so much on the issue of who deserves to be there,who was robbed,etc,etc.

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