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Thread: My idea for next season...a VOTE BACK!

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    What about the poor soul who gets voted back after the first heartbreak and then is voted back off again...someone might not want to go through all that.

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    I heard on Entertainment Tonight (or one of those type shows) that the Idol people are seriously considering changing the voting system next season. As it stands right now (IMO, anyway), it just isn't a talent contest since people don't necessarily get through based on talent.

    But as long as the show keeps making the ratings and money for Fox, I don't think they care who wins or why they win.

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    My idea was the Judges have a life saver

    Basically, the judges would be allowed to make one person from the bottom 3 safe each week until it gets down to the final 5.

    The way it would work is that once the bottom 3 are announced the judges would have to come a a majority decision (2 out of 3) of who they would like to send to safety.

    If the judges each pick a different person from the bottom 3 then it just goes to the phone voting as usual. If they all agree (or 2 out of 3 agree) that one person should be sent to safety then that person is allowed to continue to the next week, and the person sent home would be the person with the *lowest* remaining votes of the two left from the bottom 3.

    I think if they had this system in place this year it would kept Amy Adams longer in the competition and probably resulted in Camille getting booted earlier. I don't think anyone would really have complained about that.

    Unfortunately it still would have resulted in the 3 Diva Bottom 3 madness, but like you say no system is perfect.

    To make it even more fair. You could institute a rule that you can only be sent to safety once by the judges.

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    Of course judges are people too but, if they can bring back or save someone, that might change the concept of American Idol via the votes from the "regular" public.

    I don't know if Simon has residency in the US but the "AI" might not want decisions made by someone who doesn't have a home here (pt or not).

    It's also a tricky situation if any of the judges are in music/show business. It could be thought that they have their own agenda for voting someone safe or bringing someone back.

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    But why does that need to happen?
    I mean, the show does exactly what it says it would, doesnt it? Create a mega selling artist. And surely almost everyone can admit that both Kelly and Ruben and now either Diana or Fantasia deserved to win, right? By voting someone back into the show doesnt change what the actual aim of the show is.
    Sure its been a shock for both Tamyra and LaToya to have been eliminated when they did, but at the end of the day the right person has and will win each series, right?

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    I like the idea of putting it in the judges hands to add someone back who has been eliminated. Like the wild cards that they had earlier in the show.

    The competition would be a lot more interesting if LaToya suddenly reappeared.

    A system like that would keep the voting process the same but would allow the judges to rectify a mistake in the results.

    Generally, the system works. But - Tamyra and LaToya are examples of people who are at least as good as the people in the finals who didn't get their shot at the end.

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    I don't think it would be a good idea to bring back someone that is eliminated. That is the purpose of the show to vote who you think is the next American Idol, not to bring back the one voted off. This season really was wayyyyyy off.. and I think they should consider bringing in three new judges too.

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    I have an idea: America votes for the person they want off.

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    No. This would be quite unfair to the contestants who have worked their butts off every week regardless of talent if someone who got voted off just suddenly came back on.

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    I am also against bringing someone back. Each week, a decision is made - like it or not. We must accept "America's Choice."

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