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Thread: Zack Werner, Judge

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    Quote Originally Posted by stEEvEEdEE
    Also, I think Zack is a TERRIBLE dresser. Stop with the ugly shirts, dude!
    Oh yeah , if someone ever needed the queer eye boys or what not to wear , it would be Zack . "Simply horrid" as Simon would say.

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    Not just Idol chatter

    by Kevin Williamson
    Calgary Sun

    No one throws a hissy fit quite like a diva. And in the misbegotten, sugar-coated world of the Idol franchise, there are no two bigger divas than requisite prima donnas, Simon Cowell and Zack Werner.

    Now naturally, in discussing any aspect of a franchise that churns out pre-fabricated pop stars like Big Macs, it's hard to take anything without a heaping grain of skepticism. But it's also hard not to be convinced there is genuine animosity between the two men, who clashed during last year's World Idol.

    "He took some inappropriate shots at me to the press," Werner tells the Sun. "But I would have done the same thing if I had as little class as he does. He had the final word, so he used it. He's a political animal."

    Not that the disdain the two judges have for each other is at all shocking. The British Cowell, after all, was introduced to North American audiences first. His snide brand of criticism, doled out to the dismay of the screaming throngs of teeny-boppers in the crowd, made him the show's breakout star. It was only natural, then, for Werner to be dismissed as a mere Cowell clone.

    "He didn't invent that character," Werner says of Cowell. "The sardonic, vicious critic is the same guy who was holding the hook in Vaudeville. This character has existed forever. I'm not saying I'm playing a character but they wanted someone with my personality who fits (that character)."

    In other words, Cowell and Werner are like the doppelgangers in that old Star Trek episode who chased each other around the galaxy only to end up locked away in an interdimensional gateway for all eternity where no one could see or hear them ever again. Until that happens in real life we can always hope audiences will doubtlessly have further editions of Idols for years to come.

    Werner, along with Sass Jordan, Farley Flex and Jake Gold, all return to CTV June 1 (channel 3 at 8 p.m.) with the second season of Canadian Idol. Further episodes air June 2 and 3 as the series documents the cross-country audition process.

    (Unlike last year, there was no stop in Calgary just in Edmonton.)

    By now and perhaps this indicates the franchise finally jumped the shark and landed in the land of self-loathing self-parody the audition process itself is, for many fans, their favourite part of the show. This phenomena culminated, of course, on this past American Idol with the instant stardom that greeted William Hung and his freakish rendition of Ricky Martin's She Bangs.

    Suddenly the message was clear viewers want would-be singers to laugh at, not necessarily worship. Werner, though, disputes this, chalking Hung up as, well, a freak.

    "The William Hungs exist everywhere," he says. "In the mainstream of the music industry, the syndrome of the novelty record has existed forever. But I don't quite get William Hung or who exactly is actually going to listen to a whole CD ...

    "I understand why there would be remixes (of Hung's rendition of She Bangs) and club tracks. But I can't imagine anyone would want to buy (his CD) and sit and listen to it. That's what's shocking. Even Canadians are going to buy it, which is just shocking."

    Regardless, Werner defends Idol's intentions. "I don't like to think we're laughing at anybody," he insists. "We mostly don't show those people because they're not funny. We do away with the people who show up for their 15 minutes with wacky costumes ... We're a reality show and we'd rather have real moments than contrived ones."


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    I like Zack. I wouldn't really even compare Zack and Simon because they have different tastes and are looking for different thinks. It's such an unfair comparison, IMO, and I was really annoyed with Simon at World Idol because of how he treated Zack. Zack is far more credible than Paula, for example.
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    Totally agree, Miss F. Simon is a businessman and Zack is a musician, a very important distinction in my mind - one's concerned with what sells and the other's concern is what's good, IMO. Paula & Sass are huge disappointments in that they are also artists, but choose to sugar-coat their responses and make goo-goo eyes at the cute male contestants.
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