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Thread: Jake Gold, Judge

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    Jake Gold, Judge


    Jake Gold is one of Canada's most successful artist managers. He is best known for his role in establishing and transforming The Tragically Hip into a national icon. Gold also directs the careers of Gord Downie, Canadian Idol finalist Jenny Gear, Sass Jordan, The Populars and Priya Thomas, among others.

    "A rock and roll road warrior, Jake is both all business and all heart," said Canadian Idol Executive Producer John Brunton. "He looks for the 'feeling' in a performance. He loves the connection an artist makes with the audience. But watch out if you haven't done your homework."

    Gold has been recognized by the annual Canadian Music Industry Awards as Manager of the Year in 1991, 1993 and 1994. Jake has been a member of the Television and Talent committee since the 2003 Juno Awards in Ottawa-Gatineau.

    Additionally, Gold is in demand for his industry expertise and has been either moderator or panelist at Australia's Pacific Music Conference, Pollstar's Concert Industry Consortium, Vancouver's NewMusicWest and both Canadian Music Week and North By Northeast in Toronto. He has also been a keynote speaker at the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities conference.

    Gold's devotion to music and art is matched by a strong focus on charity events and organizations. He is responsible for producing the War Child concert in Winnipeg, which drew crowds upwards of 100,000 people and raised over $400,000 for War Child Canada. He continues to donate his time to War Child and various other charities.

    Gold grew up in Toronto, where he sang in top 40 bands in his teens. From 1979 to 1981, he lived in Los Angeles, doing lighting design for the Variety Arts Centre. After receiving a call from a friend, he returned to Toronto to become a tour manager and lighting guy for Hot Tip. That same year, the band reformed as mod-pop group The Purple Hearts and asked Gold to manage it.

    "I've been a manger ever since," said Gold.

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    He organized that War Child concert? That was awesome

    I thought he was a pretty decent judge. How can you NOT like the guy behind the Hip?
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    *um I um can't stand the hip.. not because of the band really, but because my inconsiderate roommate used to play their music nonstop and LOUD*

    I liked Jake - he was the 'nice guy' and his comments were always right on the button
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    **sits next to Duxx on the "can't stand the hip" bench**

    I liked Jake too,always felt his comments pretty much reflecrted the way I felt (except when continually praising Jenny Gear, which I still don't get).

    As I said in the Zack thread though, there were times when I felt Jake was snottier than Zack. Zack was set up as the "bad" judge though so his negative comments seemed to draw more attention.
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    Also liked Jake. His comments seemed pretty astute most of the time. I wish we had sent him instead of Zach to W.I.

    Fluff, you're right that there is something about him that seems kind of snotty, but I got more, tons of it, from Zach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by touque
    Also liked Jake. His comments seemed pretty astute most of the time. I wish we had sent him instead of Zach to W.I.
    That would've been a great idea, except for the fact that almost all the countries seemed to make their "evil judge" represent them. :rolleyes

    Wasn't Jake the one that always talked about goosebumps when a singer was giving a performance?

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    Is it just me, or does he look kinda like Mike Myers in that picture?

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    Jake actually is a judge of talent, from the Reps point of view. He's the extra that AI doesn't have.

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    Jake signed Jenny Gear? Impressive.

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    I kind of figured that Jake would sign Jenny Gear after his comments to her when she was voted off of CI.
    Good for him....I do believe that she will do very well....she's the type of artist that will develop a huge cult following. IMO anyways.

    Can't wait to get her CD....comes out August 3rd everyone

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