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Thread: Worst Performance Ever?

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    Worst Performance Ever?

    What do you think is the worst performance ever for any of the 3 seasons?

    In my opinion it's Jasmine singing "It's Raining Men" last week. For a top 4 performance she sounded very rough and also forgot the words to a song where 90% of the lyrics is "It's raining men, Hallelujah!".

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    John stevens with the elton john song. just wasn't right for him...

    and jasmine's breathe was really offkey.

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    John Stevens: "Music of my Heart"
    Josh Gracin: "Celebration"
    Julia Demato: "Breathe"
    Jim Verraros: "Easy"
    Camile: "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
    Leah: "You Keep Me Hanging On"
    Ryan Starr: "Frim Fram Sauce"
    Kim Locke: "Heatwave"
    Clay: "Vincent" (Some won't agree but this was just ewww at that stage of the competition.)

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    John Stevens: "Crocodile Rock"
    Josh Gracin: "That's When I'll Stop Lovin You"
    Kim Caldwell: "Everything I Do (I do it for you)"
    Carmen Rasmusen: "And So It Goes"
    George Huff: "Against All Odds"
    Ruben Studdard: "Music of My Heart"
    Jasmine Trias: "Everlasting Love"
    Jennifer Hudson: "No One Else on Earth"
    Julia Demato: "What A Feeling"
    Josh Gracin: "Ain't Goin Down till the Sun comes up"
    Matt Rogers: "Hard to Handle"
    Carmen: "Call Me"

    Those are all I can think of now...

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    Clay: Vincent (he forgot the words and admitted he didn't feel the song)
    Camille: All of her songs
    Jasmine: Both songs from last week especially the second song (she forgot the words)

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    JPL - Tiny Dancer

    Camille- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Jasmine - It's Raining Men

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    Kelly Clarkson for "Miss Independent" at the AI2 Finale

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    I thought JPL's tiny dancer was his best performance.
    Josh's aint goin down was great!
    and i loved all of camilles performances except for goodbye yellow brick road...

    hopefully now you know why people like different people and why some people get voted off before other people...

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    The reason why I say that JPL's Tiny Dancer was terrible because he was trying to imitate Elton John's way of singing and it just didn't work. That was the performance that Randy told him that he sounded "cartoonish" . I felt that was an apt description

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    That's just my point... i respect your opinion about it. I just find it weird that a lot of people just don't understand that opinions/taste do vary.

    A lot of people talk about talent and how one has more than the other and that everybody who thinks otherwise is some sort of scum...

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