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Thread: Worst Performance Ever?

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    I remember thinking George Huff's song for Barry Manilow Night (title escapes me) was like watching a train wreck

    And Charles Grigs' "You Can't Win" was abominable-- as was Lisa Wilson's "Come to My Window"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaycee0521

    I thought JPL's tiny dancer was his best performance.
    Josh's aint goin down was great!
    and i loved all of camilles performances except for goodbye yellow brick road...

    hopefully now you know why people like different people and why some people get voted off before other people...
    I'm with you, Jacee. I loved all of those performances. Heck, "Tiny Dancer" really made me sit up and notice JPL.

    For worst performances, I would have to say Carmen's "And So It Goes", Josh's "Celebration" - definately the wrong genre - and anything by Nikki McGibbon (gotta love her but oh that voice!)

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    Wow -- just reading these posts made me relive some really bad moments in AI history ! My thoughts:
    Josh Gracin: Celebration, That's when I'll stop loving you
    Carmen: And So it goes
    Corey Clark: Against All Odds
    Juanita Barber: What about the Children?
    the Roman brothers: their top 32 performances (honestly, I didn't even recognize the songs they sang until I saw them listed elsewhere)
    John Stevens: Crocodile Rock (still can't figure out why he picked this...)
    Leah LaBelle: Keep me Hangin' on
    Matt Rogers: Amazed

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    Worst Performances:
    (no order, all bad and not even amusing)

    -Croc Rock and My Girl (John Stevens)
    -It's Raining Men (Jasmine)
    -Carmen (in general, sorry pumpkin)
    -Josh Gracin (Celebration, for starters...and nearly everything after that...but not entirely everything)
    -Kim Locke (Heat Wave...took her weeks and weeks to come out from under that wet blanket of a song)
    - Clay Aiken (Grease. This coming from a Clay fanatic, mind you. I was so blinded with love that I never could accept that this performance... was scary)
    -Corey Clark (Against All Odds. "Refreshing upper register"...WTF?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FantasiaRules
    The reason why I say that JPL's Tiny Dancer was terrible because he was trying to imitate Elton John's way of singing and it just didn't work. That was the performance that Randy told him that he sounded "cartoonish" . I felt that was an apt description
    I don't know...that "muppety" voice was one of many voices JPL channels in his songs. I don't think it is an imitation.

    I think he had three different voices in "She Believes in Me".

    I don't think he was imitating Elton John, but I do think it may have come off that way...just because JP has the oddest voice of all the contestents (even over Fantasia).

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    Lisa Wilson-'Come to my window'

    Whatever the two Noel brothers sang.

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    New Attitude-Tamyra Gray
    Easy-Jim Verraros
    I Won't Dance- R.J. Helton
    Celebration- Josh Gracin

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    Ryan Starr's "You Really Got Me" was a train wreck. It was on 60's night, and I could tell everyone was just blown away (in a bad way). Jim's "Easy" was so bad that even he knew he didn't belong there, and Carmen's "And So It Goes" was a cringe fest. Ouch, and John Stevens's "My Girl".

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    Oh yeah...Ryan Starr...the massacre of the Kinks' song. Hated Ryan Starr. Terrible performance. And what arrogance for that performance! She thought she was good!

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    Anything from Camile or JPL.

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