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Thread: Worst Performance Ever?

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    Oh boy. There are so many that were awful but a few that stand out worse than others: Camile & Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Justin "Chia Pet" Guarini & "Unchained Melody" on AI2, John Stevens & "My Girl"

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    Jasmine- "It Raining Men"

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    There have been so many. Think back to the 1st and 2nd season, during the top 32. There were some pretty pathetic performances. Nasheka, for example.

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    diana - my heart will go on

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    I love Camile, but "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" wasn't too good. Carmen Rasmusen's "Call Me"; John Stevens' "Music of My Heart"; Jim Verraros' "Easy".

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    I like Josh (when he sings country), but I have to say that his Celebration was absolutely horrendous.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Camille Velasco - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road/Desperado
    Jasmine Trias - It's Raining Men
    John Stevens - Music Of My Heart/My Girl
    Josh Gracin - Celebration(pretty much everything he sang really)
    Ruben Studdard - Imagine(I know this isn't normal....but I hate other people singing this song other than John Lennon)
    Carmen Rasmusen - And So It Goes
    Nikki McKibbin - Ben
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    I think this year -

    John S - My Girl (to me it sounded like he was TRYING to be bad)
    Diana - Do You Love Me
    Diana - Im Still Standing
    George - Trying To Get The Feeling Again
    Jennifer - Nowhere On Earth


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    hmmm?? let me think.

    anything by JON STEVENS (with the exception of the song from CASABLANCA), JOSH GRACIN, JULIA DEMATO, CRISTINA CHRISTIAN and KIM CALDWELL.

    JAZZ's- its raining men, no one should redo the Weather Girls!Thats beyond classic.
    CAMILLE's- goodbye yellow brick road, I too really liked her LaurynH vibe she had.
    DIANA's - My Heart Will Go On - Celine is one of those artists you just dont do.
    LEAH's - whatever her last song was, because the girl could really sing IMO.
    and thats all folks.

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    I've only really been watching this season, but for this year I'd have to say most of John Stevens, and quite a bit of Jasmine (she has a lovely voice Within Her Range, she misses a lot of notes and goes flat too often, will be good with training) and all of Jennifer Hudson. Never did understand her. Her voice was strong, she got all the notes, but to me she just seemed to be shouting everything. Overemoting, no subtlety. I know a lot of people loved her voice, but I really just hated everything she sang and would mute her alot of the time. Personal taste.

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