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Thread: Who's YOUR Next American Idol

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    None of them.


    There is no Idol material here at all, at least for me. I just see any real "star" quality. They are all just passable singers and performers.

    Of course, one of them will be named the American Idol, but really, how many CDs do you see any of them selling?

    Do you think there will be a stampede to buy tickets to the AI3 tour to watch them perform live when you have to pay for it?

    This show has seriously jumped the shark.

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    Justafan1 I totally agree with you about her....I don't like Diana too much either. Nice voice, immature fake personality. Fantasia don't like and never did....I would have to say Jasmine....she is the only one who seems genuine...Diana has some growing up to do IMO. GOOOD LUCK TO MATT ROGERS IN WHATEVER HE ENDS UP DOING

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    IMHO, anyone in the top 12 could have been a winner of AI. I didn't find anyone as objectionable as some of the contestants from season 1 and 2... Justin's voice still makes me cringe in horror and he made it to the final two, Corey Clark set a new record for glass shattering, "my balls are on fire so I sing this high" terror. Goodness only knows how far he would have made it if he wasn't yanked for assaulting his baby sister.

    I think the final three all have individual strengths and weaknesses. I'll be rooting for them to do their best and put on a good show but not necessarily rooting for one to outsing the other.

    P.S. I loved Leah's "Young Hearts" performance, I wish she had sung to her full potential. I think John Stevens would have done well on Big Band night, and although I despised JPL, the way he held his microphone like a juicy ham sandwich made me smile. I guess I'm easy to please because I would've liked any of them as the next AI... my favorite was Jennifer (12)... and Alan Ritchson, Lisa Leuschner (cut). Lisa L. for AI 4!

    Touch my bunny, stroke my cow.

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    I really want Fantasia to win, and have since the begining. I always prayed Camile would go far, and am proud of how well she did. But I know I didnt want her to win.

    But seriously, YOUR American Idol doesnt have to be the winner. I mean, the winner will be called AN American Idol. I think as long as viewers found someone they could relate to, or admire, with an impressive(well to them,anyway) musical sound, on the show, regardless of how far they went or what everyone else thinks of them - they can call them their Idol.
    For me its Camile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danny
    But seriously, YOUR American Idol doesnt have to be the winner.
    Exactly Danny! That's what Im trying to see not nessacarily who you want to win but who your american idol is.

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    I could have seen JPL as much an American Idol as, like, Maroon5 (insert amatuer hour with some low-grade Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and, um, Elvis. Yeah, low-grade...but with some work? The boy has a Harem, for the love of all things holy! Luckily, not a crazed one).

    But if you're looking for a vocalist?

    Fantasia is my American Idol. She can sing and she has the personality to boot.
    I won't stay up all night voting for her or anything. Thank God. But I'm going to vote for her because I think she's got that special sumthin'. And a great voice. But, again, like all great singers/artists/entertainers/whatever-- you either like them or don't. Get it or don't. Not much more to it than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FantasiaRules
    Fantasia - most definitely. I didn't see her audition performance but when I heard her sing Something to Talk About, I flipped. I said this girl is alright with me. She rocks and she can bring it down and make you cry...a true ARTIST. She has the IT factor that stars possess.
    So true!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tirlittan
    I don't know if this makes sense to anyone, but to me, if Fantasia wins she will be "Fantasia" not "American Idol 2004".
    Makes perfect sense to me

    Quote Originally Posted by DetGuy
    I think its important for Fantasia to win, not only to maintain some semblance of credibility of the show, but for what will be released as a CD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIer_admirer
    Fantasia. As soon as she steps on the stage, opens her mouth, she draws you in.
    No comment.

    I don't plan to vote for any of the remaining three. I'll just get my sleep and read the recaps in the morning!

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    I don't have a strong favorite. It doesn't make a difference if either Diana or Fantaisa could win because I won't be buying either of their CDs but, others would be happy if either makes it to the top two or wins. From last season, the top two were launched into a great music career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DetGuy
    Also, I think LaToya not winning might be her best bet. And from her interviews I think she knows this. I think she will have some control over her CD and the music she chooses to sing. From her interviews after being voted off and song selections, it seems that she really understand music and has something in mind as to what she wants it to feel like.
    I agree completely. I think that is why you don't see LaToya shedding any tears. She knows this was for the best. Same for Jennifer. Maybe, instead of making a crappy "pop" album, they can do real music with some substance and actually have a shot at a meaningful career in music instead of just being a flash-in-the-pan-contest-winner that people will get tired of very quickly.

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