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Thread: Interview questions for LaToya

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    Why did you sing "Don't rain on my parade" instead of one of your disco songs? Was it your decision or someone else's?

    How did the atmosphere in the house change when it came down to an all-female final four (if it changed at all)?

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    elfin_sprite, she sang "Don't Rain on my Parade" because Ryan (Seacrest) asked her to. He said something along the lines of "I personally loved it when you sang Don't Rain on My Parade during Big Band Week. Would you mind singing us out with that?" to which she replied "Certainly"... just to let you know

    My questions for LaToya...

    1) Is there any meaning behind her name, if she isn't sensitive about it?
    2) If she is going to come out with her own CD, will she write the songs herself ala Tamyra / is she going to do covers of already existing songs (?)
    3) Who was she closest to during her AI journey?
    4) What song did she sing at her very first audition - I don't think it was ever shown on tape?

    Okee, thanks

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