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Thread: The FORT Interview with George Huff

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    Excellent interview, Lobeck.

    I really got a good feel for George. I really miss him. Probably Barry Manilow night was his worst. The other nights were not as bad as the judges made out. Very irritating of them.

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    [QUOTE=Abelard]Excellent interview, Lobeck.

    ditto on that.

    I hated George leaving and not being on for disco night. I hope he does well.
    I thought he did great Elton John night.........ah well.

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    George is so sweet!

    Lobeck - I also love your avatar!

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    What a cool guy, wish he was still in the competition.

    You can totally tell that he's one of those people that never has an unkind word to say about others. And so cute too.

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    I love George!! What a sweetie! How can anyone NOT like him? REALLY!!! And he really isn't that bad looking. Hehe. I remember Simon saying he looked too old. Nah, he's really not that bad. :phhht on Simon.

    I have all of his songs downloaded and have listened to them a ton of times and Barry Manilow night is his worst. The others...well the judges just...needed a replacement. They didn't have Jon Peter Lewis to harass anymore so they had to pick on George. Simon even called one of George's songs amature(can't spell that one) and he'd said that very same thing to Jon earlier on.

    But George rocks. Ooooo Me and Mrs Jones. I never heard it before he sang it. I DLed the original and I prefer George's voice to Marvin Gaye's. Yeah really...

    I can't wait for his CD! I hope it does have SOME uptempo stuff. 12 ballad songs would be a little boring. But his and Jon's are going to be the ones I get on the day the come out on. I'll probably pick up Jasmine's at some point. The others...not sure. My mom will probably get Jenn's CD. I might get Camile's, she sounds good on the AI3 CD.

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    I just read yesterday that George lost to Jasmine by only 200 votes! Usually I take the attitude that voting isn't that important, with all the "power dialers" and betting, etc., but if this report is true, I could KICK myself.

    I did vote for George that night -- probably got in 100 votes or so -- but I actually could have 'saved' him that night if all he needed was a measly 200 votes. :headwall
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    I can't wait to hear more from George- he was my favorite and I am thrilled that he wants to follow in the ways of the great Luther Vandross. I have been so saddened that Luther has been unable to sing. I would like nothing more than for George to become the young Luther!

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