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Thread: Is it time for AI to "Jump the Shark"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by danny
    wow 27?
    I guess Coreys doesnt count though, and I wouldnt call Clay and Justin coming in second an exit, but thats just me!
    I didn't count Corey, Mr. SmartyPants But I did count Clay and Justin, b/c they did have to congratulate someone else and they both handled it really well.

    Thinking back on it, there have been so many interesting exits this year (really sad: George, John Stevens, Jennifer) (really funny: Matt, JPL), while there are only a few notable ones I can remember from previous years (Josh with his kid, Tamyra shocker, the two finales) This really is a tight-knit interesting group of contestants this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitschcakes
    He wasn't a powerful singer, but he had something special that kept viewers interested, at least for a while.
    Talent + Personality= American Idol
    I agree with you here. JPL did have a spark and at moments it even sounded like he would have a really good voice with some lessons, or, more likely a lot of voice lessons.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzin
    This is the first year that I've felt an emotional bond to the contestants. The first couple of years the show was a novelty, last year I enjoyed watching Kim L., Clay and Reuben, but their performances did not evoke anything for me.

    However, that has changed a lot this year. This group definitely has more personality, quirks and all - and I've enjoyed their camaraderie. I do appreciate the older,more mature contestants and Diana won me over right out of the box with her enthusiasm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobDobolina
    I didn't count Corey, Mr. SmartyPants

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    no, without American Idol, I have no life

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    I'm really enjoying this season, but I too feel that it would be better if Amy, Matt, and/or Jennifer were still around (not listing JPL. He would have made me mad if he were in the top four.) They all added so much energy to the show that I feel is lacking now. Oh well, at least the remaining contestants can all sing, which is more than could be said at this point last season.

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    I didn't watch AI1 but loved AI2! That was magic for me. This year, well, it's not as good as last year but I have yet to miss an episode or yet to "jump the shark". I have to admit, I love the variety of the top 12 especially early on with Amy and JPL and even John S. But, they weren't meant to be in the top 4 and even though my heart is not in it as much, I'll still watch and still vote for my 4th favorite - the only one left that I like. (Fantasia) I do wish, as many others, for an age limit change and please .... NO GUEST JUDGES!! They don't add anything. (except for Quentin, maybe) Paula really doesn't add anything either but someone needs to be the nice guy/gal!! I think AI will be around for at least 2 more years. I just hope Simon stays with it...he makes it worthwhile. As far as theme nights, I would like to see a larger theme, like the decades mentioned earlier.

    More .02 cents to add to the pile!

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    AI3 is definitely not up to snuff. As a fan from the very beginning of the first season, I'm just not emotionally invested in any of this year's crop of wannabes. AI1 was fun because it was new, AI2 had the most charismatic contestants, but AI3 has noone with the "it" factor. I blame the producers - they frontloaded the best of the top 32 on the first show of the semis and there just weren't enough left for the remaining shows. As a result, the finals have been a bit boring. Hopefully, they have learned their lesson, altho' I am getting bored with Randy & Paula. Simon is all over the map this season and is contradicting himself all over the place. It's getting old fast.

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    Paula needs to go, seriously. She is absolutely useless.

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    No But....

    Let Paula stay...but PLEASE stop making the contestants do those terrible singing commercials every week. It's an embarrassment

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    Yeah. I want Paula to stay. She gives constructive criticism...sometimes.

    And I agree about the commercials.

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