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Thread: American Idol: The E! True Hollywood Story

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    I didn't know that RJ fell off the stage. : They must have been desperate to make something seem really dramatic...

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    Sorry to bring this old thread up again, but I just saw an ad for it on in the UK, so all the UK fans of AI on here make sure to watch E! at 8pm on Sunday!
    Ive read most posts on here that it wasnt a very good show? We saw the Phenomenon special - is that better than the THS?

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    Thanks for the info Danny, I can't believe how late the UK are to air this!

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    I know! But the ad showed a lot of footage of AI 1 - which we didnt get to see! So I cant wait!

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    Hi, Im sorry to mention old contestants again, but I thought this might be the right thread to ask.
    Is Tamyra's first audition shown on here? I dont believe it is, but can someone - anyone - please tell me what her first audition was and what she sang? Was it ever shown, did anyone see it? Apparently Simon said something like she has Z Factor, better than X. Ive read somewhere that it was shown on the AI1 Finale? Was it Im Telling You -Im Not Going? I know she sang it at the top 30, but did she sing it at her 1st audition in Atlanta? Ive been going crazy over this!
    A teeny tiny clip was show I think on the phenomenon - but from a distance where Im sure it was Tamyra being told shes through and she jumps high in the air - and the Atlanta sign is behind her.
    Plus does anyone know Justin's either? I think it was in New York and he sang Ribbon In The Sky, but Im not totally sure.

    Can anyone please help? Its been driving me mad! lol!

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