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Thread: Tamyra Grays Cd Out May 25th!

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    Duke Blue Devil Tickety's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
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    Serious Tamyra overkill. Plugs for her CD were plastered all over AI this season. I've had enough of her to last me for 50 years.

    BTW, her CD is a hit and miss. It's sold a mere and approximate 40,000 copies

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    FORT Regular jdanton2's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    I love seeing Tamyra on tv and today she will be on the saturday morning early show on CBS!

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    Foster Your Inner Kacey BobDobolina's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by jdanton2
    This was followed by the international television and music success of S Club 7. The group sold over 10 million CDs while their four television series were sold to over 100 countries around the world.
    Simon is responsible for S-Club! If I didn't hate him before, I do know. That show is just plain evil. (but strangely, it takes at least 10 minutes before I can turn it off.)

    I agree Tamyra's album is really good. I was impressed. I'm not too surprised about the sales, though. It's not like she's striking when the iron's hot. I hope that atrocious rendition of the national anthem isn't hurting her. That thing was nowhere near the league of Kelly's rendition of the anthem from a while back.

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    When I went to purchase her cd, I had to search for it. The guy didn't even know that it had been released, and it wasn't in the new release section. I love it though, there are only a few songs on it that I don't care for.
    Phenomenal woman... that's me!!!

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    I like them silent WomynLee's Avatar
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    Overall, I think Tamyra's CD is great with an exception to a few that were just "aw'ight."

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    Low Blow
    I have her CD and it's really good

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