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Thread: The TRUTH about Paula's cast..

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    The TRUTH about Paula's cast..

    So here's the deal... It turns out that the reason that Paula was in the cast *is* because of a manicure gone bad! Who knew?! lol They said on Good Day Live that Paula had a bad manicure, and the lady punctured her thumb, and it got infection, and the infection almost set in to the bone? (or something like that) I guess it was SO bad that she almost actually LOST HER ENTIRE THUMB! That's CRAZY! I never knew getting a manicure was so damn dangerous! I have a new respect for those mall girls that risk their LIVES every week to get their nails looking pretty.. hehe
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    Wow - it's amazing what the littlest thing can do. I once worked with someone who pricked her finger on a staple and it did the same thing - got so infected that she almost lost her finger. Scary stuff.
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    That's why you should always leave a note!

    Whoops, I mean, make sure your manicurists' tools are clean!

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    yes. leave a note.

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    April 21, 2004 -- Paula nails it
    "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul is nursing a sore paw after having the nail on her right thumb removed because of an infection. Abdul underwent surgery at Cedars Sinai Hospital Monday after a manicure went awry.

    "I just got a manicure and they punctured me. I'm in a bit of pain," Abdul told "Entertainment Tonight." "It's throbbing. I had surgery to remove the entire nail - the infection was too close to the bone.

    "I almost lost my thumb," she says. "I didn't think it would hurt this bad and I didn't realize how many limitations I would have - I can't button my pants and it'll be hard to turn and bark back at Simon [Cowell]. I guess I'll just talk to Randy [Jackson] all night."

    Meanwhile, this week's guest "AI" judge, Barry Manilow, told "Extra's" Dayna Devon that he "never watched it actually" - meaning "AI" - but that he agreed to be a judge on one condition: That he get to rearrange the songs for each of the contestants.

    "If you do Elton's songs just the way he did them, you've got a shot," he tells Devon. "If you do my songs in 2004 the way I did in the 1970s, it's going to sound like elevator music." Manilow is promoting his new CD, "2Nights Live."

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    How sad!! Geez.

    Wonder if she's gonna sue them.
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    That sounds a bit disturbing. Nothing overwhelming. As long as Paula will recover and remain on the show, everyone's fine.

    Nails get dirty, so you can imagine what nasty things get into those punctures. Yikes.

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    ABC news just called it a Manicure Malfunction. Paula got punctured while getting a manicure and had to get her thumbnail removed because of an infection being too close to the bone. Yucky!

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    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....that's almost scared me out of manicures for life. Poor Paula...who would've thought something like that would happen?

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