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Thread: Jennifer Hudson - FINALIST

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    Quote Originally Posted by maleady33
    I don't really agree with the choice of bringing her back. She wasn't good enough to be brought back, IMO.
    I am happy they did, she is my vote for most likely to blow up against the judges. I hope she makes it but i don't think she will.

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    Speaking of Jennifer, I just looked at their group photo and was thinking who on earth is that african american girl on right. It's Jennifer, she certainly has changed to her advantage look wise. (I am still looking at the picture and thinking I can't believe it's her, so different from her previous looks, but who else could it be...)
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    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Wow! Jennifer Hudson is amazing!
    She really sounds like she could take over the lead in the musical "AIDA"! Wow! I love her voice and so few female voices move me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo82
    Actually Hadas sang "You light up my life" last season.. I know this because she was one of my favorites, and I felt that if she had been in *ANY* other week (she was up against, Kim C, Ruben, AND Clay... talk about a tough week!) that she would have made it to the top 12, I think she had a very good voice, but should have been smacked for singing you light up my life.. She did however go on to win some pantene pro-v contest, and was in a commercial for it... so she's doin just fine..
    wow...glad you posted this gizmo82. i really, really liked hadas and i did NOT forget who she was. she's pretty and has a good voice. glad that she's doing well.

    re: jennifer...i am so glad that she made it into the wc round. i didn't care for her "imagine" until a local radio station played it on the radio the follwoing morning...and wow...did she sound fantastic. i hope she makes it in to the finals!

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    A lot of people have been saying she did not perform good enough to be back, and I am wondering if they are watching the same show I am. Maybe it's just because I like the song "imagine" but I liked her the best out of group 1. Every time i watched the tape back I listened to her performance first. i don't think she is going to move on, but I HOPE she does.

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    She was also my number 1 pick from group 1 eatmorechicken,

    I was just watching the vid i have of her audition and she is awesome! She has such a uniqe persnoality. It's kind of like shes cute but sticks up for herself when nessesary or cracks a little joke to make a bad situation seem good. And her voice . . . TALK ABOUT A POWER HOUSE!!! She Rocks and is one of my faves along with Fantasia, Diana, Latoya and Tiara.

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    Just a reminder...anything having to do with tonight's show is to be limited to the Show Discussion thread until after 12:30am EST (9:30pm PST). Thanks.

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    I thought Jennifer was incredibly brave to choose " Imagine" a song about aethism, in crazy God fearing America. I'm so tired of all these Whitney/Celine numbers, her taste and delivery is impeccable, and she has a fantstic personality, the whole package......Go all the way to Idol, Jennifer.

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    I thought that she was the best of the night ! Go Jennifer!

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    My opinion is that she was just OK last night on the wildcard show. I think there are a few others that are better (LaToya for one....), but she is good.

    She kind of looks like this character that Jaime Foxx used to play on In Living Color named Wanda. I just can't shake that image when I see her now....

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