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Thread: Jennifer Hudson - FINALIST

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    I would move I Believe... to 3rd and move the other 2 up.

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    I agree with danny and idolbud123
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    I Have Nothing was by far my favorite performance by her. Didn't like her at first, but each week she is growing on me more. I can't see her winning it all but she could definitley be in the top 3.
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    1: Circle Of Life
    2: I Have Nothing
    3: I Believe In You And Me
    4: Heat Wave
    5: Imagine
    6: Baby I Love You
    7: No One Else On Earth


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    I have yet to have a problem with any performance of Jennifer.
    I really enjoyed No One Else On Earth, I was thought it was GREAT...as well as Heatwave
    My favorite performance was Circle Of Life followed by I Have Nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by IdolBud123
    This is how I would rate all of Jennifer's Performances in order...

    1. I Believe In You And Me
    2. The Circle Of Life
    3. I Have Nothing
    4. Imagine
    5. Baby I Love You
    6. Heat Wave
    7. No One Else On Earth
    Even though Baby I lOve You, Heat Wave, & No one Else On earth were at the ned of my list, I still thought they were incredibily good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scillarella
    Simon just said it on GDL, he was referring to La Toya and Fantasia. He says those three girls don't like each other because they see each other as threats. He said they pretend to get along and support each other, but they really each wish the other two would go away. I don't know if there is fact to back this up, or just his assumptions.
    I thought as much that he meant those 2 girls as they're seen as the 2 front-runner's and they wouldn't want Jennifer stealing their crown. Having said that though i wouldn't have thought that the 3 don't get along, for some reason i thought they were close. Particularly Jennifer and LaToya because when Jennifer was in the bottom 2 a few weeks ago and LaToya came down to join her and Amy, she said "Hey girls" before hugging them and then last week when Jennifer and LaToya were in group C, LaToya hugged Jennifer again. I wouldn't have thought they'd bother hugging each other on more than one occasion if they didn't like each other. If they were pretending it's more than likely they'd only hug once for the camera's if at all. Maybe Simon's trying to stir up some controversy, then again he does see them on a regular basis so who knows?

    Anyway, Jennifer was great again this week, though i still think Trenyce's performance was just a bit better. She looked fantastic and the only thing missing from her performance was a mic-stand! I agree with Simon that she's putting herself in a front-runner position. Someone had posted earlier that Jennifer is really good at showing emotion while singing and i totally agree, she's slowly becoming my favourite though i still think LaToya's better vocally. Jennifer is getting new fans each week and if she continue's to keep this up week by week, she may overcome Fantasia or LaToya. Personally i hope that the 3 of them and Diana make up the top 4!

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    If they were pretending it's more than likely they'd only hug once for the camera's if at all. Maybe Simon's trying to stir up some controversy, then again he does see them on a regular basis so who knows?
    I think the finalists all get along (some better than others perhaps) since they are living on the same house 24/7. One cannot help but build a rapport with each other during these circumstances. Simon was definitely stirring up some controversy but if what he says is true, i'd love to see some footages of cat fights and diva theatrics in the mansion...lol.

    With this said, my fave jennifer performances are i have nothing and i believe in you and me. I didn't care for her much before but she's slowly pulling me with her performances....i predict she'll be in the final three...maybe even the final two...if she keeps it up.

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    IMPO, id like to see her in the top 2. La Toya And Jenn r my faves. I like Fantasia but her voice annoys me @ times. I wouldn't buy Fantasias CD but i would buy Jenns and La Toyas CD.

    Jenn should be in the top 3 @ least. She keeps getting better and better. Theyre is a possibitity that she could be the person to get Tamyra'd/Trenyce'd this year though.

    I love Jenn. When i heard her audition i knew shed be in the top 12. When she sang Imagine, i was sooo mad that she wasn't even in the top 3 vote getters of the night. I knew shed be back for the wildcard though. I didn't think shed make it too far seeing she didn't have a huge fan base and her first couple of performences wern't up to par with the other divas. When she sang Heatwave i saw alot of inprouvement and now shes a FRONTRUNNER or almost a FRONTRUNNER! I knew she had it in her. It might of just been a confidence thing.

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    If anyone has heard her song from the American Idol cd, was it good? Thanx.

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