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Thread: Jennifer Hudson - FINALIST

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    just downloaded jeniffer's rendition of "I have nothing". Good job, she is definitely improving. I hope she keeps it up! With that said, excuse me while I change my ranking of ai faves and rank jennifer a few notches higher because i think she deserves to be higher than what i previously thought of...lol.

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    Yes, I was also thinking about the idea of Dream Girls and Little House of Horrors as shows she would fit in and do a great job. She really uped it after she was in the bottom three. Good for her for taking a "bad" experience and finding strength from it!

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    Im worried though, that even after have a strong performance last night, she might end up rounding out the bottom 3 with Jasmine and Diana.

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    IMHO, Jennifer has improved by leaps and bounds in her last two performances. She has an amazing voice. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll stay out of the bottom three today. She also seems to have toned down the facial expressions. (In previous performances, some of her facial expressions reminded me of Hattie McDaniel -- the actor who played Mammy in Gone With The Wind.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by acid jazz
    im gonna die if jennifer gets voted out instead of JS or JPL!

    you go girl!!!

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    Thanks e-daddy for the warm welcome!
    I was so afraid that Jennifer was going to land in the bottom 3 yesterday because of the way they were sitting. Usually they mix up the bottom 3 with the rest of the gang. I was surprised JPL went before Diana. I thought his fanbase was stronger and his performance was definitely better than Diana. But I'm happy my girl is still in it.
    I've been wrecking my brain for Barry Manilow songs and all I can come up with is Copacabana and Mandy. I wonder what Jennifer will sing.

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    Barry Manilows "One Voice" Is PERFECT for Jenn. If she doesn't sing this La Toya should. Jenn seems to be pulling a K-Lo this year. Every week she gets better and better. I can see her making it very ffffffffffaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by E-Daddy
    True...now that I think of it, I think the two girls are Diana & Jasmine since Simon was referring to entering the frontrunner position. The divas have it going on!!!
    Simon just said it on GDL, he was referring to La Toya and Fantasia. He says those three girls don't like each other because they see each other as threats. He said they pretend to get along and support each other, but they really each wish the other two would go away. I don't know if there is fact to back this up, or just his assumptions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lobeck
    He didn't say there were two front-runners sticking pins in a Jennifer doll; he said there were two girls sticking pins in a doll. Since he said "girls", I assumed he was talking about Jasmine and Diana...

    I agree, because if Jenn were to become a front runner along with LaToya and Fantasia, then Jasmine and Diana would be more likely to end up in the bottom three and voted off. Due to this, they would be the ones with the voodoo dolls and pins. Jenn is moving out of her bottom three status.
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    haha I was right!!
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