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Thread: Jennifer Hudson - FINALIST

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andre1980
    Jennifer better than latoya? Gave me a break folks that statement is far from the truth I know some of you love her so much but when Latoya performs on at her best there is no one in this top 12 that can come 100 meters close to her but when Jennifer performs at her best she is just ok and not memorable since I have yet to hear her in a memorable performance.What I have seen from Jennifer is that her voice is not that exciting and comparing her to Aretha is like comparing apples to oranges since she is NOWHERE NEAR HER LEAGUE. I cannot see Jennifer lasting two long I think her calling is AMERICAN GOSPEL IDOL and her singing style is more suited for that. TC

    I personally thought that Jennifer performed and sang better than Latoya on tueday... and I am totally 100% for Latoya to win the competition. I can say that Jennifer is starting to grow on me though.

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    She's growing on me too. So are all the other people left that I didn't like before.

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    If there are any true fans of Jennifer Hudson, you will not let her get the boot next week! I'm canadian I can't vote. So people vote your asses off next week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzin
    I really don't get all of the anti Jennifer sentiment.

    Was it the tears? The dress? Her song selections?

    I want someone to be passionate and grateful about the chance to live your dream, why be on AI if you don't care.

    The girl can sing, not dress, big deal. How long did it take Clay to get it together?

    There has been no one, except Jasmine that has touched me with their performance and personality as Jennifer. Her sincerity and angst I find refreshing.

    ..... and there may only be two folks who can out sing her
    You know jazzin, I don't get it either. All one has to do is close their eyes and listen to LaToya, Fantasia and Jennifer perform. LaToya and Fantasia can style -- but Jennifer can SING.

    LaToya is a good "band singer". Her talent, voice and style seem more suitable for weddings and other events where people want a live band to perform. That's not an insult ... that's the truth. She's very well-dressed and stylish -- polished on stage, but would you really buy her CD ?

    Fantasia is more an "entertainer" than a singer. Her voice is OK but to me sounds almost a sneer. Her song choices have been good selections and like LaToya she has some savvy and is comfortable on the stage. I am not interested in seeing the Bo-Bo any more than I was interested in putting 35 "u's" into Ruben. I am interested in seeing something better than 2 songs that sound suspiciously the same. Would you buy her CD ?

    Jennifer's early fashion choices may have been a gimmick to make her more memorable ? Neither Clay's or Ruben's fans cared what they LOOKED like. Back to this season ... for his W/C performance JPL looked like he forgot to shower ! So ... why does it matter so much with Jennifer ?

    Jennifer can SING ! The fashion and makeup issues have already been favorably resolved, but if they let KLo's stylist at her -- watch out ! She too is a really pretty girl. Most importantly -- LISTEN to Jennifer SING. You just might buy her CD.

    The real SINGERS on this show are Jennifer, Jasmine and John Stevens.

    Diana, JPL and George can sing too and get the spirit awards !

    LaToya, Fantasia ... entertainers with strong voices.

    Matt Rogers, a cordial guy who'd be good at weddings. Could get together with Justin G.

    Camile weak but unique and Amy who holds back and/or fakes it ... are both nice girls, with nice voices who seem to need more time.

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    Latoya and Fantasia entertainers with strong voices??? How can you say that after Signed, Sealed, Delivered and All By Myself. They have the best voices in the competition!

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    I can't believe the hostility in the AI forum. Now I remember why I usually don't venture in here.
    Obviously, alot of it comes down to your personal preference. There is no one "best" singer. All that can be determined from this competition is who has the most people voting for them - i.e, who it is that the largest number of people consider their favorite or "the best". But for the record, I love Jennifer. She is far from flawless, but that is part of her charm in my opinion. I enjoy watching someone grow during this competition, rather than someone that is "perfect" to start with. She is the only one who has excited me in this competition at all. Some may call it over-singing or dramatics, but what I see is a soulful young woman with a true passion for music and performing, and sometimes, a little insecurity or nervousness. When I hear her perform, I don't feel like I am watching someone trying to be Aretha, I think she has her own unique sound. Personally, I agree that Latoya and Fantasia are talented, but their singing does nothing for me.
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    Jennifer has a great tone to her voice and but has a tendency to go overboard with the musical acrobatics. If/when she tones down the power a little bit, she'll be awesome. FWIW, Her orange top on Wednesday's results show was fabulous, imo

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    I liked Jennifer a lot more this past week. It seemed she calmed down her facial hysterics slightly and was more tolerable to watch.

    She definitely has a campy drag-queen-like sassy diva attitude going on when she's on stage... That combined with a heavily discofied rendition of Aretha's "Baby I Love You" made an interesting watch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IdolBud123
    Latoya and Fantasia entertainers with strong voices??? How can you say that after Signed, Sealed, Delivered and All By Myself. They have the best voices in the competition!
    I believe that Fantasia actually sang "Shined, Shealed, Delivered."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lolls
    I believe that Fantasia actually sang "Shined, Shealed, Delivered."
    I know... I never said Latoya sang Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Though I think that she would do the song some justice.

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