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Thread: Jennifer Hudson - FINALIST

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abelard
    I think Jennifer is a better singer than Latoya. Unfortunately, for some reason not quite clear to me, Simon is pimping Latoya. Frankly, I did not think Jennifer oversung that song one bit. But tonight she was better than last night. Perhaps less nervous, if that's possible, and more focused.

    Note: Simon said that when he watched the Tuesday episode on TV, he found LaToya and John (or Jon, I guess) disappointing. So it seems like he might especially like LaToya in the theater but less on tv.

    RE: Jennifer--I have my theory. I think that, although she is a very powerful, capable singer, the demographics of the final 12 is going to put her at a disadvantage. There are three African-American women and two other women of color in the final 12. Jennifer is very, very talented, but (so far) LaToya and Fantasia have been more talented. The majority of the voters are women, who will vote for men or will split their votes for a man and a woman, but not two women. So women contestents will be at a disadvantage based solely on the gender thing. And of course it should make absolutely no difference to the voters what the ethnicity of the singer is, but it probably does to some people (as wrong as that is), and there are two African-American women who will probably get more votes than Jennifer.

    All that said, I think that Jennifer is far more talented than some of the people who were not in the bottom three last night, but honestly, I wasn't surprised to see her in the group. (In the thread guessing the ranking of the singers, I put Jennifer in the bottom three, based on my thinking above.)

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    Jennifer has the best voice, as Randy said, she's a baby Aretha. Latoya didn't sound that great to me, and I was glad Simon pointed that out last night, when he re-watched the show on t.v. I'd rank the singers
    1. Jennifer
    2. Fantasia
    3. George

    I hope these 3 make it to the top, but I'm worried, as so many of the voters seem to vote for the "cuties" and Jennifer and George, have fantastic personalities, but I don't think they hold much appeal for teenagers.

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    I really don't get all of the anti Jennifer sentiment.

    Was it the tears? The dress? Her song selections?

    I want someone to be passionate and grateful about the chance to live your dream, why be on AI if you don't care.

    The girl can sing, not dress, big deal. How long did it take Clay to get it together?

    There has been no one, except Jasmine that has touched me with their performance and personality as Jennifer. Her sincerity and angst I find refreshing.

    ..... and there may only be two folks who can out sing her

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    Singers hitting their first plateau on live tv

    I look at the contestants more philosphically now... some of the top 12 are ready to hit a "plateau" or peak of performance that is good enough to propel them into solo albums (whether or not they win am-idol) immediately after the show. Some, like Tamyra Gray, Christina Christianson got noticed enough for tv gigs acting and reporting, etc.

    I look at Jennifer and think "not ready for prime time". I look at her, and hope she realizes that she probably has MORE of a vocal gift than ANYONE on the show, save perhaps George Huff. George and Jennifer haven't peaked yet... which means in anywhere from 3 week to 3 *years*, we could see really amazing stuff out of them vocally. Far beyond what anyone else has shown. And because they aren't even CLOSE to peaking... they could far outshine what some of the top 12 are doing, because they ain't gonna grow much beyond what we're seeing. Like Matt. Bleah.

    For example, Fantasia *is* at her peak right now. She knows her personality, her stage style and presense, her voice has "settled", her technique is not going to change drastically now or even 3 years from now. Her screetchy-twang is her "trademark" sound now, and she can deliver it. She's a package. She's ready to market.

    Jennifer, who is FAR stronger vocally in range, tone quality, agility, and just plain beautiful singing... well... she's not a ready made package. She's got to spend probably the next 6 months singing in front of a mirror and controlling her facial expressions and CHOOSING some expressions. She'd probably also benefit from getting away from "I'm so grateful just to be here" attitude and put on some grounded-diva mode of "I'm gonna SING for you, baby, and you're gonna LOVE it". She needs to change some of her inner mantras to match the life in Hollywood, not the cruise-ship crowd. And she has to learn to dance and dress better.

    I think Jennifer should look at singing as a life-long career and be okay with the idea of peaking in another 3 - 5 years and just working hard the whole time. She needs some nice "black diva" to take her under her wing and show her the ropes. She needs a guide.

    Anyhoo. That's my thought. Jennifer can sing any of the top 12 under the table, but *performance* is something she has a ways to go yet...

    I'm going to thumb-warrior her next week in hopes of keeping her around for awhile. But, unless America starts warming up to her, she'll be ditched because she doesn't "reach out" and touch the audience in a way they can relate to yet.


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    Jennifer better than latoya? Gave me a break folks that statement is far from the truth I know some of you love her so much but when Latoya performs on at her best there is no one in this top 12 that can come 100 meters close to her but when Jennifer performs at her best she is just ok and not memorable since I have yet to hear her in a memorable performance.What I have seen from Jennifer is that her voice is not that exciting and comparing her to Aretha is like comparing apples to oranges since she is NOWHERE NEAR HER LEAGUE. I cannot see Jennifer lasting two long I think her calling is AMERICAN GOSPEL IDOL and her singing style is more suited for that. TC

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    I certainly don't want to come off as anti-Jennifer...I am not against her, I'm just not particularly FOR her. Her style of singing does not appeal to me personally. I also think that she won't last long since she didn't get enough votes to get out of the top three in her group even with a decent, albiet not phenominal, performance.

    She is cute and bubbly, and handles criticism well, but I don't think she will be around long. It has nothing to do with her dress of emotions--she is likable--for me, it's just her singing style.
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    Jennifer out of the three seasons was the one who touched me enough to make a website.

    Which is still in progress. VOTE JEN!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotuslander
    Jennifer has the best voice, as Randy said, she's a baby Aretha.

    I believe it was Fantasia who Randy called a little Aretha?

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    Yeah Randy did say the Aretha comment about Fantasia, not Jennifer.
    But how she got all the way to the bottom 2 is totally beyond me. It really is.
    She showed off her personality, was really funny IMO and sang unbelievably well - the best Ive ever heard her - she was fabulous.
    I know people say the reason is because she doesnt have a fanbase, but WHY doesnt she? She deserves one. Im not a fan (I just dislike when its not fair for good people), but I wouldve thought she would have a gay following, I dont know...
    I think the fact that she was in the bottom 2 will get her some fans purely because it brings her more attention.

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    Er, how do I explain?? She has a nice voice....but I just don't like listening to her for some reason. I think maybe she over does it a little bit. I hate her eye make-up too. It's just not working.

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