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Thread: Popular contestants?

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    Popular contestants?

    I just put this thread up to see which contestants are really popular at this point, or to see if anyone is really rooting for anybody yet.
    Theres been about 10 people who I think could do well and about 4 people I Really like right now -
    My faves are Leah - I think shes got a great vibe about her I dont know what it is, but I really liked how sweet she was.
    Marcus - the darker Elvis - as he walked in with his costume on I thought he would be awful but really surprised me,
    Katie the cheer;eader I kinda like but I might just have a little crush on her and
    Jesus one of the brothers - he was the 1st one who sang and is the oldest of the 2, I wasnt as keen on his brother though.
    Other people who I either love or hate (I cant work out right now) are
    Heather (Kim was my fave contestant last year, so its gonna be weird with her ), Scooter Girl, see I could either really Love her or really Hate her (but I presume she will be a really popular person), Michael,Bao and Lauren.

    But out of others I quite like Fantasia and Alan.

    I really dont see what everyone else sees about Jeffery, he was so dull and Jasmine didnt have a strong voice at all too IMO.

    But thats just me.
    Im REALLY annoyed though at the station that airs AI in UK because for some reason it edits a couple of audition pieces and doesnt show any of the singing parts , this happened with Amy Adams, who I loved her personality but her whole singing was deleted, we just saw the judges views and same with the Smiley guy who said Jesus at the end and also Jon the pen salesman. There were also some bad auditions cut too, but Im sort of glad they cut some of them, but thats 3 really quite popular people whos whole singing got edited - Amy,Smiley guy and Jon

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    well in case you can't tell i love both Katie(cheerleader) and Lisa(swimsuit model). I think these 2 represent everything that is right in a talent search, i am loving both there talents. I am starting to like Lisa a bit more because she seems like she is just there to have a lil fun while katie seems a bit to serious(from what i seem).

    Other then those to, i really like Matt, the football guy he has a great personality. I am on the fence about Jon the pen salesman, from the little i saw about him he seems like a real joker(the post winning celebration) and if he is that way i hope he goes far. I really love midgets so jasmine will be great to do well just for that fact.

    These season looks to be great because from the little we seen of the contestants, alot seem entertaining in ways other then singing(Beatbox Guy, Scooter Girl, Spacey T-Bird chick, etc....)

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    I am really liking ummm, Alan. And the pen salesmen.

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    So far, my favorites are:

    *Terrance( the smiley guy )
    *Dreah, I think that was her name, the 50's/60's girl
    *John, the crooner/ Dean Martin impersonator
    *Marcus, the darker Elvis
    *Lauren, Daddy's baby girl
    *Matt, the football player

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    i'm not too good at rememberign the contestants until the 32 are established, but form what i saw, the ones who really stuck out to me were scooter girl, marcus-elvis guy, and the pen salesman. they really seemed genuine and focused. some of the others alreayd seemed ot display a sense of egotism, which shoudl make for soem interesting responses to criticism.

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    I heard that William Hung is being well known now. he has been getting a lot of fame from his audition. Everyone can't get enuf of him lol

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    My favorites are:

    The guy who sang "desperado"

    and many others... I liked most of them

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    Mine are

    Scooter Girl
    Football guy
    Bao Viet
    Do Wah Diddy girl EVEN THOUGH SHE DIDNT MAKE IT:@:@:@

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    Quote Originally Posted by eatmorchiken
    The guy who sang "desperado"

    Oh yeah, I liked him too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahp12212
    I heard that William Hung is being well known now. he has been getting a lot of fame from his audition. Everyone can't get enuf of him lol

    to bad they don't have a show where they get like 10 of the worst or most rememberable auditions(from a bad point of view) and have a vote off for your favorite. It would be even better if they put the winner(or shall i say loser) of this competition into the top 10 and see how far they can go

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