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Thread: Popular contestants?

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    Quote Originally Posted by American Idyll
    Now that the "old man" has been forcibly retired at age 24, John Peter is my favorite by far. Reasons:
    1. His "humble nerd" persona, while fake, is still entertaining. Plus he doesn't advertise how "delightly quirky" he is, unlike one ex-contestant who will remain nameless (-cough- Scootergirl -cough-).
    2. The man can even breakdance.
    don't forget

    3. The boy can dance
    4. He was great in Lord of the Rings

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    Quote Originally Posted by grantaire02
    If there's one person of my favorites I really worry for it's John, the Red-Headed Sinatra boy. He seems very young and skittish...I hope he can hold up.
    Yeah....same here. I want him to do well but I worry!

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    Silvy, is that Dominc Monhagan? I love him on Hetty Wainthropp Investigates... Back to the subject. I don't like John Peter's personality, he irritates me, yet Scooter Girl didn't... Of course it was probably because she didn't break dance...

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    I was VERY impressed with Amy's last song, but I wish she'd tone down the make-up
    I love Bre - she's different and she has a great voice
    Marque's very cute, and has a great voice and I bet he moves well, being a dancer
    I like Fantasia
    I like Jennifer
    I likes Jesus & Noel in NY but not in Hollywood

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    It seems a lot of favorites are in this first group. In the 32 finalists, it seems only 10 are guys?

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    The ones I'm rooting for are
    Amy Adams
    John Peter Lewis
    Diana Degarmo
    Matthew Rodgers
    Elizabeth Letendre

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooberoo
    Silvy, is that Dominc Monhagan? I love him on Hetty Wainthropp Investigates...

    I have heard they show Hetty Wainthropp Investigates in America...like on PBS sometimes...I've never seen it...I want to of course.

    for the girls...I like Amy and Bre.

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    My top 12, hopefully,

    Fantasia Barrino
    Katie Webber
    Matt Rogers
    Camile Velasco
    Jon-Peter Lewis
    Susan Vulaca
    Amy Adams
    Jasmine Trias
    John Stevens
    Jennifer Hudson
    Bre Ramirez-Rial
    Charly Lowry

    Marque Lynche
    Erskine Walcott
    Leah LaBelle
    Jesus Roman
    Donnie Williams
    Tiara Purifoy
    Jonah Moananu
    Lisa Leuchner
    Elizabeth LeTendre
    George Huff(as wildcard)
    Nicole Tieri(as wildcard)
    Bao Viet Nguyen(as wildcard)

    You know I actually think this is going to shape up to be a really great top 12. Last year I found it easy to pick out my favorites, but this year there are so many spectacular singers and personalities that I enjoy, though we still have yet to see them in the heat of the lights in live national television. But this 32 is definitely the best of the past three seasons. We may have no specific talents that blow us away (ie Clay, Ruben, Frenchie). But this cast of contestants has the best depth yet. Last year I felt like many of the contestants in the 32 were terrible. This season's gonna be good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silvy
    Yeah....same here. I want him to do well but I worry!
    Hi Silvy!!!!! I like John Stevens, too. It may be an uphill battle for him though unless he gets some extra confidence soon...great voice though!

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    hmmmm seems to be a lot of John Stevens fans here... I don't care for him much... I thought he had a nice voice, but no personality, and he also forgot the words to all the songs he did in Hollywood... why he is there is beyond me, but maybe he'll improve...

    Now the John with three names... I like him (Pen Salesman Guy) He's my favorite, along with scooter girl when she comes back for the wild card.

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