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Thread: Who's In the 32?

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    Or MAYBE 4 groups of 9. You know how Fox likes to stretch out their shows as far as possible...

    *cough*The Simple Life*sneeze*

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    Quote Originally Posted by melverine
    it is interesting to see that we already have seen 26 people featured that made it, that makes me wonder that if 6 people are chosen in Hawaii, could that be our 32?
    I know it wasn't this way last season, because they had to show certain standouts like the twins and the witch girl, but what if the producers wanted to make the show a little more fair, so that featured people don't have an advantage over those who didn't have a feature.
    That's my guess as well. I suspect that based on the few people we've seen make it through, those are the ones who make it to voting.

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    With all the cities completed here is the update on contestants recieving a television feature...

    Of the 30 New Yorkers, 24 Atlanteans, 13 Houstonites, 25 Los Angels, 10 San Frans, 9 Mainlanders in HW and 8 Native Hawaiians. Totaling 119 American Idol hopefuls...and those that were shown in the preliminaries were...

    Leah Vladowski--the Bulgarian--NYC
    Jesus Roman--Separated brother--NYC
    Noel Roman--Separated brother--NYC
    Michael Keown--Henderson kid who sang for Pope--NYC
    John Stevens IV--Dean Martin "Amore" guy--NYC
    Nicole Tieri--Scooter girl--NYC
    Amy Adams--Red head (ie Nikki Mcgibbon, Vanessa Olivarez)--ATL
    Laketa Booker--Blue Eyeshadow girl--ATL
    Alan Ritchson--Tall "Hot" guy who serenaded Paula--ATL
    Lauren Enswiler--Daddy's girl--ATL
    Terrance Gaines--Smiley guy--ATL
    Fantasia Barrino--Macy girl--ATL
    Marcus Butts--Darker Elvis--ATL
    Heather Piccinini--Kim Caldwell Lookalike--ATL
    Sarah Silva--Silver lining in Houston "At Last" girl--HOU
    Kiira Bivens--Affected girl--HOU
    George Huff--Starstruck and Old Fashioned guy--HOU
    Cassie LaBeau--Short Audition girl--HOU
    Bao Viet Nguyen--Vietnamese Second Generation Guy--LA
    Matthew Rogers--Football guy--LA
    Jasmine Artaega--Little person--LA
    Draeh Hancock--Classy Retro girl who loves pink--LA
    Jefferey Dingle--Filipino guy who sang "Desperado"--LA
    Marisa Sobecki-Engle--Curly Brunette--SF
    Dina Lopez--Filipino girl--SF
    Katie Webber--Cheerleader--SF
    Sonny Kapu--Brown Hat guy--HAW
    Jon Peter Lewis--Sleeper--HAW
    Camile Velasco--Pancake Waitress--HAW
    Clifford Iokia--Fireman--HAW
    Jonah Moananu--Freestyler/B-boxer--HAW
    Lisa Wilson--the model--HAW

    Hmmm...that totals exactly 32. Now could I be right? Maybe, but then again if the rumors are indeed true that there are 36 I'm probably wrong. We do get 3 episodes of Glendale, so we'll see plenty more contestants. But I do find it suspicious that they showed only 32 makers in the prelims. The 32 they chose to show are all pretty unique and interesting that would make up a great set of semi-finalists. I also am suspicious that they decided to feature a brother vs. brother segment in the preview, they never bothered to mention much about the twins last year at Glendale except for the fact that they didn't make the first cut. Plus we also saw in the commercial a bunch of the trio sings and some of the solo sings, and from last year we know that the solo sings are toward the end of Glendale, and many of the people on this list were shown. Hmm, I hope I'm right. I hope they all do well at Glendale.

    My updated preferences for the 32/36 are...

    1. Jefferey
    2. Draeh
    3. Bao
    4. Michael
    5. Fantasia
    6. Camile
    7. Jasmine
    8. Matthew
    9. Jon Peter
    10. Amy
    11. Laketa
    12. Nicole
    13. Jesus
    14. John
    15. Sarah
    16. Jonah
    17. Dina
    18. Katie
    19. Lauren
    20. Alan
    21. Leah
    22. Heather
    23. Terrance
    24. George
    25. Cassie
    26. Lisa
    27. Noel
    28. Marcus
    29. Sonny
    30. Marisa
    31. Clifford
    32. Kiira

    On to Glendales...I can't wait.

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    Matt Rogers gave an inspiration speech tonight at church. I couldn't go, but now I'll have to wonder if he spoke of American Idol...

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    I like Amy Adams, Jasmine, Dreah, and John the pen salesmen as Simon called him.

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    Melverine, I like how you attached descriptions and locations of the contestants, so I can put a face to the name. Thanks!

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    Someone posted at TWoP that John Stevens made the top 32/36 (according to his mother who knows John's parents).

    Jon Peter Lewis was a student at BYU, Rexburg (ID) but did not return for the present semester.
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    Hmm... Just cause I can't wait to find out who is in the 32/36, why don't we analyze possible spoilers to try and figure this out...

    This is all based on commercials, previews, articles and interviews with judges...

    Probable Hopefuls: (Contestants with good evidence that they may advance to the 32/36)
    John Stevens IV (person that posted claiming to know his parents--seen with a solo sing/final round sing in Glendales)
    Michael Keown (I live in Las Vegas and he is always on tv and making appearances here, is that campaigning or something?--People are hinting that he makes it far)
    Matthew Rogers (someone spoiled that he makes the 32/36--seen in a solo sing/final round sing in Glendales)
    Fantasia Barrino (plenty of commercials--seen in a solo sing/final round sing in Glendales--Simon says Atlanta talent is hot--A woman's year?)
    Amy Adams (seen in a solo sing/final round sing in Glendales--Simon says Atlanta talent is hot--A woman's year?)
    Camile Velasco (seen in a solo sing/final round sing in Glendales--Simon says they found fantastic talent in Hawaii--3 Native Hawaiians make the 32/36--A woman's year?)
    Katie Webber (seen in a solo sing/final round sing in Glendales--A woman's year?)
    Heather Piccinini (seen in a solo sing/final round sing in Glendales--Simon says Atlanta talent is hot--A woman's year?)
    Jonah Moananu (seen in a solo sing/final round sing in Glendales--3 Native Hawaiians make the 32/36)
    Noel Roman (seen in a solo sing/final round sing in Glendales--Fox is hyping up the brother vs. brother story)
    Bao Viet Nguyen (seen in trio sing/3rd or so round at Glendales?)
    Jon Peter Lewis (not attending present semester at BYU)

    Possible Hopefuls: (People with not much evidence, but clearly standouts in talent)
    Laketa Booker (Atlanta talent hot--A woman's year)
    Lauren Enswiler (Atlanta talent hot--A woman's year)
    Jesus Roman (brother vs. brother angle hyped up)
    Nicole Tieri (Scooter girl, nuff said--A woman's year)
    Jasmine Artaega (unique and interesting--A woman's year)
    Jefferey Dingle (tremendous talent--rumor that 2-3 contestants of Filipino descent advance)
    Alan Ritchson (Atlanta talent hot--not serious guy, hmm last year Corey Clark made it)
    Draeh Hancock (A woman's year)
    Sarah Silva (A woman's year)
    Lisa Wilson (A woman's year)
    Cassie LaBeau (A woman's year)
    Terrance Gaines (Atlanta talent hot)

    Marcus Butts (Atlanta talent hot)

    People with little to no evidence that they move on:

    Leah Vladowski
    Dina Lopez
    Marisa Sobecki-Engle
    Sonny Kapu
    Clifford Iokia
    George Huff
    Kiira Bivens

    Okay, if anyone knows anything about any of the contestants it would be awesome if you shared it with the rest of us. Please, please, please...some of us are just so antsy to know. So far I'm excited about the probable hopefuls so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VSU1995Female
    I am thinking 4 groups of 9..
    With it being a Top 32, and judging by what my TiVo Season Pass for the show said, it's gonna be 4 groups of 8.

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    Who are Marisa and Dina? Can anyone describe them for me?

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