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Thread: American Idol 3 1/19/04: Taking A Bite Out Of The Big Apple

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    And I am so far not very impressed with the finalists they've chosen, especially "Scootergirl", whom I found absolutely insufferable.
    Thank goodness, I'm not the only one who can't stand her!

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    So sorry for trailing up an old thread again, but I was just reading back over this year through Lobeck's recaps and I was stumped when I got to this NYC auditions show -

    If you read back over the recap or watch the show itself - you'll see that the people to get through from the NY rounds have to be some of the most controversial ever -

    Leah (we all know how people feel about her...)

    The Roman bros. (who I actually was fond of, but well, you know...)

    Michael Keown (the most arrogant AI contestant ever?)

    John S ( Again, a very contoversial contestant)

    and finally the enigma that was Scooter Girl (again, she was controversial)

    So they were the contestants from NY - Leah, John, Nicole, Michael, Jesus and Noel.
    Everyone thought Houston was awful - but we did find George there, so it wasnt all bad.
    I thought the best talent this year came from Atlanta - Fantasia (obviously), Lauren, Alan, Marcus (the elvis guy) and of course Amy. Was Jennifer from there too?

    But my fave audition city this year HAS to be Hawaii - my girl Camile was there, and of course JPL was "found" there too. And although wasnt on the Hawaii show- so were Diana and Jasmine. I really liked the 3 guys too - Jonah, Sonny and Clifford - they seemed like genuinely nice guys. (also IMO, the bad people were the funniest there too - that guy looking for a girlfriend cracked me up, as did the dancer who somehow found 5 people who liked him.) However Hawaii wasnt all good - Lisa W was found there...
    But, New York -possibly the worst city ever to have AI auditions?

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