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Thread: Clay Aiken

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    Re: Clay Aiken

    With all due respect for Clay, his name is not nearly the household word that Timberlake's is. I think a story without the AI reference would leave a lot of people confused or without interest in the story.
    Not long ago Justin was not doing so well. To those who don't like him, including the media, Justin Timberlake will always be the nerdy Mouseketeer. These year old quotes are from random blogs and articles that I found by googling. The same guy with the same CD and history can be presented in diametrically opposed ways.

    And Timberlake, a former Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer, goes from strength to strength. His first album, Justified, sold 7m copies, and much is expected of this autumn's follow-up, FutureSex/LoveSounds, which was produced by Rick Rubin and Timbaland.
    Justin time from Guardian Unlimited: Culture Vulture

    The writer also made sure to use a nerdy picture.

    Here's another one from another article.

    The whole idea of ex-Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake clamouring for attention to promote his upcoming CD, FutureSex / LoveSounds, by insulting American Idol Taylor Hicks is just plain random. It amplifies the fact that though he has put together an album with adult themes at its core, mentally he hasn't left those mouse ears far behind.
    Complete with nerdy picture that the writer labeled GayJ.jpg. Do you think the writer had a bit of bias?

    This accompanies the picture.

    I find this humorous considering the look Justin sported in the not so distant past, featured on the website Queerty. "We decided to put things in perspective for you by publishing the above photo from the days when everyone thought Justin Timberlake was a lesbian."
    Justin Timberlake: No Sex to Music / Hates Taylor Hicks

    Poor old JT was getting put through the "He's so gay" and "What a jerk!" gears only a year ago. Then the CD was a hit and suddenly he's cool? OK, if they say so.

    All it took was some songs rejected by Michael Jackson and The Neptunes to engineer the production plus 10 million in Promo from the record label. He doesn't even write his own music but, Voila! A sex god!

    This quote from another article has a completely different tone.

    Could Justin Timberlake get any hotter? With his sexually provocative new record, Hollywood girlfriend and confessions of drug taking, the former child entertainer is making his play to be the world's biggest pop star. In an exclusive interview, Camilla Long finds herself seduced
    'I'm bringing back sexy' | | Guardian Unlimited Arts

    The first 2 quotes and pictures are from July 2006. The last from August 2006. Amazing what a new publicist can do. Ken Sunshine is very good at his job.

    Clay is suffering through the media bashing that Justin did and he will continue to be bashed until the media gets the memo to stop because all of a sudden he'll have the publicity machinery and the label behind him. Right now he has a publicist from hell and his label is not supporting him. Kelly Clarkson has the same lousy publicist and now that Clive has pulled his support, she is looking at a dim next few years.

    His fans have seen it all and they're not going anywhere.
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    Re: Clay Aiken

    nice one alldone.

    i wouldnt say im a clay fan or clay hater. if music is good its good. if i dont like it...next.

    but for the "wandering foot" incident. i would say both sides were in the wrong. we don't know the whole story. just some excerpts both sides gave, what FBI wanted to release, what "witnesses" saw (not all witnesses see the whole incident...some may have seen the later part - "the shove" or whatever...but was there something before that). for instance, what if the lady tried to wake him up by tapping him on the foot, or nudging it out of the way, or gave some subtle clues to him and just got fed up and "tapped" him hard on the chest to wake him up...that is if she tried other ways to wake him and didnt work. yes, wrong for the lady to "touch" him in an unwanted way BUT also wrong for clay to "wander" around...sleeping or not. lady paid $$$ for her space and no one wants to be intruded especially on a small commuter plane. but i like some cant understand how his foot wandered on the lady's armrest in front of him in the sleep.

    but if i was in the lady's situation and someone did that to me (clay or ANY other adult/teen) and put their foot on my armrest or seat...i'll just either try put my seat back and try to smash them or lift up or down my armrest and try to smash it or elbow it or sit on it hard or whatever and play dumb. act like i didnt know it was there...cause its not suppose to be there in the first place. sorry but hey...really why are you resting on someone elses paid seat. opens seats are up for grabs. other than that be aware of your space.

    as for the "news" media. its how they sell stories, grab peoples attention for you to stay tune, or click on link, or wait after the commercial or read on, etc. everyone distorts, twist, sensational, misleads...there are stretches of the story but its there. not false but some truths to it. minor altercations = spat = rage = fight = disagreement = speaking loudly = verbal exchange...all similar to an extent on how one wants to put it out. yes, they're twisting everything to sensationalize it but that is what sells stories. it's just too bad it was someone "famous" involved because it became news. if it was any other person...nothing.

    dangit. sorry long post.
    not my frickin fault. fine, my fault, i always get blamed anyways.

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    Re: Clay Aiken

    The original story in the Tulsa paper said that his shoe was touching her armrest. It also stated that he was asleep. I'm sorry but there is no excuse for her to get physical with him at all. It is considered assault and she should have called a steward for assistance. I don't see how he could have been in the wrong if he was minding his business ASLEEP. There was no malice on his part but there was on hers.

    One witness account I read said that he was surprised, he sat up and removed his visor but never said a word to her. It was a very one sided fight I'd say.

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    Re: Clay Aiken

    Quote Originally Posted by AllDone;2469266;
    The original story in the Tulsa paper said that his shoe was touching her armrest. It also stated that he was asleep.
    It works both ways. There is no excuse for having your foor on someone's armrest. sleeping or not.
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    Re: Clay Aiken

    I tried to rededit, but my time expired.

    It being Clay here is what I think happened. He was sleeping he woke up and took a nice LONG stretch, put his foot on the ladies armrest and zonked back to sleep.

    Clay should be grateful for this incident, at least he got his name back in the news.

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    Re: Clay Aiken

    Alldone, I don't know if your post was basically addressed to my quote or not. I realize how fickle and manipulative the media can be. My point was simply that a lot of people don't know or remember who Clay is, and thus the AI reference was not necessarily inappropriate. Again, this has nothing to do with the incident or how it was otherwise reported.

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    Re: Clay Aiken

    Well, if nothing else this whole episode sure has brought a semi dead thread to full life. Clay & his Aiken feet has been good for a few thousand what if's?

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    Re: Clay Aiken

    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway;2469669;
    The story just gets funnier and funnier.
    hehe, it is funny..Clay fans assumed that Jerome was in the back or something, because it was just so bizarre that clay was able to get "hit" and jerome didnt do anything lol Im guessing it happened so quickly? He really does protect Clay very well, and Clay trusts him very much. Its funny, someone took a pic of Clay in the airport leaving Tulsa, and there was jerome right by his side..Im gonna guess that he takes a lot of caffiene and doenst sleep on a flight in the near future :p

    I dunno...all I know was that they were beside clay, so the woman had to be in front of him.
    Clay Aiken "when everyones working on it change isnt impossible, its inevetible"

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    Re: Clay Aiken

    Yes, Clay and his feet have brought this thread to life. Let's keep the comments towards Clay (it's his thread- good and bad) and not towards the members of this site.

    On a positive note for Clay- any publicity is good publicity, right? He's survived everything from his sexual orientation to being downright creepy at the AI final. I'm sure he'll find a way to make it past this.
    You got to cry without weeping. Talk without speaking. Scream without raising your voice.- U2

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    Re: Clay Aiken

    Yeah... this is just a blip compared to his online dating attempts.

    But apparently Clay and his immense, uncontrollable feet have a real problem being cooped up on airplanes. In trying to find other articles that support differing points of view I stumbled upon this little ditty from a few weeks ago:

    On a recently flight from LA to Clay Aiken’s hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, the American Idol runner up didn’t get drunk and rowdy, but he did act weird and smelly.

    Aiken was said to have taken off his socks and shoes and to have put them on his assistant’s lap. His feet stunk up the whole first class cabin.

    Clay, who was accompanied by a terrified-looking female assistant, draped his feet over her lap and removed his shoes and socks - allowing a foul smell to invade the small cabin! Even stranger, after fidgeting through most of the flight, he ended up sitting on the floor in front of his expensive seat! Exclaimed one passenger, “He’s an odd one!”

    [From Star Magazine, print edition, June 11, 2007]

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