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Thread: Clay Aiken

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    This is an archive - take it to PM

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    Regis said this morning that Clay's single Solitaire was #1 on the charts.
    I can only please one person a day, today is not your day and tomorrow doesn't look good either

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    Actually, unless my ears were deceiving me, Regis, who is known for mixing things up sometimes, said that Clay's version of "Solitude" was #1. Nobody corrected him, but I'm pretty sure he said "Solitude".
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    I haven't been here (to the archive) in awhile, but was so moved by listening to Solitaire; I just had to post something. I bought it at Wal-Mart today and listened to it on my drive home. It is so unbelievably awesome. I got chills and even teary eyed. If you haven't bought it now.... I say go to the store today!! It's incredible.

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    What does it mean,"This forum is an archive?" What is the difference?

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    Read the big red letters at the top of the forum.

    If someone has a a piece of "actual" news ( Like Tamyra 's album being released.)thats fine , but no discussion. It works that way for all of our old reality shows.For some reason this hasn't been put into purgatory, when other reality shows finishing much much later have. We do have a current American Idol forum where the current contestants are discussed if you are a fan of the show in general , otherwise take it to pm or to a fansite of your particular contestant of the previous season.

    For our site policy regarding downloads read our FAQ
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    Use The Correct Forum/Thread
    We have many different forums - one for generally each show on TV, and then forums for Music, Movies, Books, Site Announcements, and General Discussion.

    We ask that you keep discussions related to the forum you're posting in. Please don't post a "Hi, I'm New!" in the American Idol forum - post it in the Introduce Yourself thread in the Announcements forum. And so on.

    In addition to this, please keep personal conversations (between 2 people, and of no concern to anyone else) confined to our Private Messaging system. To use it, just click the PM button under any member's post. It's like e-mail, but just on the site, and it's secure and private.

    By doing your part to keep things on topic and interesting to our members and visitors, you're helping us maintain the high standards we've set for the site, and we really appreciate it.
    I don't see anywhere where it specifically states that we can't hold discussions in these forums... it just states that we must use the correct forum to do so.

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    Again, yung, please discuss Clay Aiken in our American Idol 2 forum. Thanks.
    The above was posted by Lobeck on the current AI3 forum under the thread regarding the recap of the April 28th show. I guess I'm just not understanding.

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    The show is over . LOOOOOONG over . The top of the forum clearly states NEWS ONLY . It's this way for every reality show we cover. Our site FAQ also clearly states that we aren't a fan site for any show or contestant of any show.

    Our frustration with this Clay obsession is that a year later people are still trying to use this as a fan forum which it is NOT , instead of a former reality show contestant news forum which it is.

    Clay is releasing a new album 2/06/04 = news

    OOh Clay is so dreamy and no one on the planet wil ever compare to his gingerness = not

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    Clay's mother was on the NBC news this morning re: famous Moms. Did anyone else catch it? I tried to tape it and haven't watched it yet.

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