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Thread: Clay Aiken

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    Update on my site. Hosting Miami MP3's, and the following requested MP3's:

    No More Sad Songs (Charlotte)
    When Doves Cry (Charlotte)
    I Survived You (Tampa)

    PLEASE right-click and Save Target As to your hard drive - so I can maintain bandwidth for others to download also.


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    the idea of Clay covering a Prince classic is completely heinous to me

    I'll take the bait- Why do you say that? just curious

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    Probably because it's a such a classic. Having a low end pop singer handle the song he wrote and sang so well is just too much. Bridge over Troubled Water was an abomination too. Kind of reminds me of Hasselhofs hooked on a feeling. I think he should stick to generic pop.

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    CONCERT REVIEW (Miami Herald)

    'American Idol' stars show strong signs of development

    Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken display growth and vocal chops Saturday at Miami's AmericanAirlines Arena making for an appealing post-Idol concert.



    It's always gratifying to watch an artist display growth. In this regard, this first coheadlining tour from American Idol stars Kelly Clarkson, season one winner, and Clay Aiken, season two runner-up, proved the TV reality show just may be capable of unleashing genuine artists after all.

    Need proof? Aiken sang Prince's 1984 classic When Doves Cry. It would seem impossible to find two people with less in common than wholesome Aiken, a singer some have called ''vanilla,'' and randy Prince, who used to perform in bikini underwear while simulating copulation.

    True, both have spoken of spirituality, but Prince has always merged sex into the equation. ''Animals strike curious poses / They feel the heat, the heat between me and you,'' Aiken sang, grinding a bit against his background singer.

    The display was probably sexy only to Aiken's devoted fans who run all ages, but that's beside the point. He sang his unlikely selection extremely well, revealing the gospel roots of the tune by opening it as a ballad amid hearty piano chords, and then taking it to a rousing finish.

    The performance Saturday night showed that the poised, charismatic and confident Aiken can handle more than the unchallenging, overproduced pop mush of The Way and When You Say You Love Me that his producers have saddled him with so far.

    Clarkson, however, earned her headlining status in Miami with her energetic hour. (The two are swapping opening and closing slots on the tour and end together with a grandiose duet on Journey's 1981 power ballad, Open Arms).

    Clarkson's set wasn't perfect. She rushed it, seldom pausing except to introduce a song. She lacks Aiken's assurance and personality -- he was clearly the sparse crowd's favorite -- but she proved more musically inclined. She played guitar on a few songs (not well but, hey, she's trying) and offered more stylistic departures from pop/R&B into rock (a rearrangment of her single, Low), country-blues (a spot-on sassy cover of Reba McEntire's Why Haven't I Heard From You) and the convincing big-band strut of Stuff Like That There.

    Best of all, Clarkson seems to have listened to her critics who have knocked her for her melismatic oversinging. This time she replaced trills for soul and it made the previously unlistenable songs from her Thankful CD bearable.

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    Oh, my. 4#24 Jeff, thanks for the article.

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    hmmmm.....I wonder who will go first for my concert. I'm glad to see that they are taking turns opening.
    I can only please one person a day, today is not your day and tomorrow doesn't look good either

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    I've found some more info you all will really enjoy!!! Go to www.wral.com (look on the left side of the page under featured video) & you can see some concert footage as well as his appearance on WRAL News in Raleigh this morning. He talks about the concert & the return of "his hip shake" LOL..... can't wait til the Winston-Salem show!!
    Hope you all enjoy the link.... I love it!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4#24Jeff
    I've found some more info you all will really enjoy!!! Go to www.wral.com (look on the left side of the page under featured video) & you can see some concert footage as well as his appearance on WRAL News in Raleigh this morning. He talks about the concert & the return of "his hip shake" LOL..... can't wait til the Winston-Salem show!!
    Hope you all enjoy the link.... I love it!!!

    4#24Jeff, you beat me to it! I was just going to post that link. I saw the clips from WRAL, and enjoyed them. I loved the talk about the "reappearance of the hip shake"

    I have seen clips of "When Doves Cry", and I really think he does an impressive job. I was so glad to see the Florida review that complimented his performance. He sounds amazing on "Kyrie" too. I was glad to hear that Kelly's toning down the melisma. Most of the comments I've read on the Clay boards from people who've already been to the concerts have been pretty complimentary about Kelly's singing. I'm really looking forward to March 13 in WS! (my first of 3 shows!)

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    I listened to a few clips of the Raleigh Concert. He was really pumped; looked like he was having a great time. The crowd was unbelieveable. He sounded really good, and exhibited lots of energy. He had some problems, because he is fighting a cold or something, but his voice was still great. I would have loved to have been at that concert.

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    Aiken was best of two 'Idol' stars
    Raleigh News & Observer

    By DAVID MENCONI, Staff Writer

    RALEIGH -- Sooner or later, all the "American Idol" stars are going to have to prove they can thrive outside the show's safe harbor.
    On Monday night, Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson tried to do just that, bringing their "Independent" tour to the RBC Center.

    It was a homecoming show for the prodigal idol Aiken, a Raleigh native. Maybe it was playing to a sympathetic hometown crowd, but Aiken came across as the vastly superior performer.

    Clarkson seemed to be going out of her way to come off as down-home, coming onstage in torn jeans, ponytail and a red T-shirt that read, "DIRRTY SOUTH" (which later gave way to one that read, "I [heart] Clay"). She also strummed guitar on a couple of songs.

    Clarkson can wail, and she competently handled everything from ballads to big-band-style belters. But she has yet to develop much vocal personality, and sounded very much like a poor woman's Christina Aguilera. In terms of voice, charisma and overall presence, Aiken pretty much left her in the dust.

    Aiken made a splashy entrance with a cover of the 1985 Mr. Mister hit "Kyrie," walking to the stage from the back of the arena and singing as he went. The sold-out, overwhelmingly female, crowd went completely bonkers. This was a show where you could sense the audience as a living, breathing organism, and it reacted with hysteria to all the right cues -- the opening acts' references to Aiken, or nearly anything he did onstage.

    There weren't many cigarette lighters in the air, but a steady pulse of camera flashes going off and a forest of raised cell phones. About halfway through the set, Aiken took one such phone from a young woman in the crowd, and had a brief conversation with a woman named Jody listening in from Syracuse, N.Y.:

    "Hi, this is Clay Aiken. ... Who's this? ... Jody from Syracuse? ... Breathe, honey."

    Then he sang the first verse of "When You Say You Love Me" into the phone before handing it back, probably triggering a heart attack in upstate New York.

    Aiken sang most of the songs on his album, last year's "Measure of a Man." Since he only has one album, he had to do some covers to fill out his 70-minute set -- a positive thing, given the blandness of that album.

    But not all the covers worked. He butchered Prince's "When Doves Cry" with a lounge-lizard introduction, followed by a semi-lewd thrusting behind one of his backup singers (a shocking move for such a rigorously clean-cut young man).

    Faring better was an acoustic medley that included Sting's "Fields of Gold," Leo Sayer's "When I Need You" and James Taylor's "Carolina in My Mind." The latter song drew the loudest howls of the night. But all over the arena, clusters of girls took advantage of the quiet parts of the medley to yell out marriage proposals or vows of undying love.

    If he plays his cards right, Aiken could be the next Tom Jones -- or the next Barry Manilow.

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