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Thread: Simon Cowell, Judge

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbrummell
    TV Alert!

    OK - I apologise for the confusion guys - I've just spoken to the Ellen show again, and they tell me Simon is on today (as in it's being filmed today) but it airs tomorrow (Wednesday February 11th)!!

    Oh, you all have to watch Ellen! Simon actually apologized to that guy (Rodriguez) and admitted he DID have a good voice and should have advanced. Apparently Simon had a bad day with contestants thinking they are running for "Miss World" so he asked that dumb question about the million dollars. Poor guy!

    I am thinking this is a <b>controversy</b> and the programmers want all of us to bring back Rodriguez! Maybe a wild card or something? You know what? He sounded BETTER than Matthew! Remember he tried to sing another song and Randy and Simon told him to just leave.

    Please watch the show and tell me what you think!!

    Yeah he said he regretted cutting RODRIGO CORTES and 18yr old from California. The kid who said he would give some of the milion dollars to charity. Simon never asked anyone else that. He should be brought back to the wildcard show from the clip they showed of him on Ellen. There are very fews guys this year so he should at east get an opportunity to try again .

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    Thanks for the correct name, GlamGirl!

    You thought the same thing I did which leads me to believe they are going to do something with Rodrigo. They probably want all of us to E-mail or write in to get the guy back THIS season! We'll see...

    How about Simon being the flirt with Ellen? I think she was scared of him!

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    Simon never asked anyone else that.
    That's untrue. Simon asked at least one other person that on camera - the girl who said she'd buy a Thunderbird, and Simon's response of "that's the most honest answer I've heard yet" leads us to believe that it's a regular question from him. That they choose not to show it is no big deal.

    Rodrigo was gone well before that question, in Simon's mind.

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    Simon Cute? SexY? I am sorry but I don't agree, I don't find him cute, or a hunk or sexy. He is rude, mean and personally I would love to know if he sings.

    Although this year he seems to have toned down a bit, but the season is still young yet, let's wait and see. Perhaps he toned down because the people that he is insulting is fighiting back, fire with fire. I found in the auditions quite a few of them told him off. much to my enjoyment.


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    Simon's Critics are great, I wonder if he sings well...

    Simon's critics are really amazing, and he predicts everything right. He spots everything. Every spark in the personality. And well I wonder if he can sing. Lol , wouldn't that be funny to hear him

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    I just finished his book, beside it being one of my favorites, he is such a smart man. He knows a lot and has a lot of street smarts. The book has really changed my opinion about him, its a must read.

    As for a judge he is my favorite.

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    Just saw a promo for this episode


    Cowell set for Simpsons role
    Simon Cowell is set to make a guest appearance on 'The Simpsons'.

    He will play a nursery school admissions officer where Maggie is having trouble getting in.

    In the episode, he treats the toddlers the same way that he treats popstar hopefuls on the 'Pop Idol' shows.

    One of the show's producers has also said that the character will come with his favourite high-waisted trousers.
    It will be showing on Feb. 22

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    Simon Cowell rocks and rules....!

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    Did/Can anyone transcribe what Simon said over the credits on that Simpsons episode? It was hilarious!

    I remember him saying something about it getting really boring and he just doesn't care...


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    The credits were the best part of the show. I loved it where the person in the theater goes 'Shhh!' and Simon said 'Oh shush yourself!'

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