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Thread: Simon Cowell, Judge

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    I don't think Simon is truthful at all. I think a lot of his criticisms are for entertainment purposes. He is just trying to be funny. I don't think he is thinking of ways to improve the contestants. He seems too selfish for that.

    I am also a teacher (and a supervisor of teachers) and if I critiqued my students the way he does, I would have some incredibly f...ed up students on my hand. Telling the truth is one thing, but telling the "truth" to be funny and for the teacher to be the star of the classroom is another thing.

    I don't think the real world is filled with Simon-like criticisms. In fact, the real world is filled with a lot of sugar coated criticisms. If I didn't sugar coat it, I would have a lot of suicidal teachers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eda_maningat_14
    hope he judge camille trias well...why? nothing...i juz like her, being a filipina like me...i'm only 14 and i watch tv the whole day juz to catch the program...haha, its quite funny...
    well...i kinda like him...his cute, isn't it? and i wish he can read this mesage... at first,i really,never,ever knew about a name simon cowell but when i watched the american idol, well wow!!!besides he's cute...he also have the guts and talent to critisize people,and its nice because. its very challenging for the contestants...well, thats all i can say... and one more thing...he is really cute!!!!!!!
    some people bring insult to filipino english.
    are you pertaining to camile or jasmine?
    the filipino AI finalists are camile VELASCO and JASMINE trias.

    You can catch American Idol on Starworld, channel 25 on Sky Cable, Thursdays at 8PM (replays at 11:30PM, 2:00AM & 11:00AM the next day) for the performances and Tuesdays at 8PM for the results.

    Or if you don't have cable, flip the channel to ABC 10 everyday 6-7PM, although they are embarrasingly delayed and they cut parts of the show which irritates the stuffing out of me.

    There. I hope you don't drain your eyes too much, honey. Have fun.

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    I actually think Simon is all right.

    He may be rude, but hey, aspirants must be exposed to those kind of people because I am sure that Simon's not the only rude one in the industry.

    His predictions almost always comes true, he is honest, he's funny (though sometimes I can't help but think that the insults that he gives are scripted), he can identify TALENT. That's what I like about him. He criticizes a WHOLE lot, but he's not at all hesitant to give kudos to the contestants.

    This may seem out of place in this thread but I think RANDY JACKSON is the best Judge (well, excluding Quentin Tarantino ---I just love him) in the history of American Idol. That is all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmb
    I just wish that he would wear some different clothes... does he not have anything else to wear?? Maybe we could send the "Queer Eye" guys after him!

    Has the high waistband of Simon's trousers (pants) ever been an issue in the US? It's been an issue tabloids etc have pored scorn at!

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    The Fabulous Life of...Simon Cowell airs 5/5 on VH1

    The Fabulous Life of...Simon Cowell will be on VH1 at 9/8c on Wednesday, May 5. This ought to be interesting...

    Simon Cowell, he's the number one star on television's number one show and he's got it better than you can imagine. From his multi-million dollar bachelor pads to his fleet of the highest of high-end autos, Simon Cowell doesn't just discriminate when it comes to music, he makes sure everything he owns is perfect. We'll deliver the details on where "Mr. Nasty" gets his goods. From his hundreds of identical, custom-fitted black shirts down to his high-waisted pants, nothing is out of reach for Simon.

    Traveling between LA and London 30-40 times a year makes Simon Cowell the premiere jetsetter. In London, Simon always has a table at the trendiest restaurants and membership at the cities most exclusive clubs. In LA, the British import has assimilated wonderfully, making his rounds at the hottest spots in Hollywood.

    Although Simon’s American Idol fortune is still young, back home in Britain he has been raking it in for years. Simon Cowell made his first million by 35, producing Brit pop acts and running his own record label that racked up over 25 No. 1 singles and sales of more than 60 million. Since then it has been pouring in. We'll break down how much Simon is bringing in from his vast media empire.

    VH1's hit series, The Fabulous Life weaves expert interviews and on camera antics, to illustrate just how fabulous it is to be the man we love to hate, Simon Cowell.
    from vh1.com

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    I saw an article about this in US weekly, I will be watching it.

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    Damn Simon is a straight P.I.M.P.

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    I'ma have to watch this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maleady33
    I'ma have to watch this one.
    Same here. I get a kick out of Simon!
    "Someone forgot to drink their courageous juice this morning" from "Psych"

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    Open Letter to Simon Cowell

    Dear Simon,

    When, oh when are you going to figure out the power you have over the voters of America?? First of all, they do not like you to tell them how to vote. If you push an "obvious" winner in their faces, they will not vote for that person. Who knows why?

    Secondly, if you insult a contestant, tell him or her that this is his or her last week, then make HER cry for crying out loud, well then you've basically signed her on for another week. Haven't you picked up on the pattern yet? Most FORT fans did ages ago!

    Simon, you yourself have said that America will decide on the wimmer of this competition. Please do not sway the voters by telling them who will stay and who will go before the voting has actually begun. It doesn't take a rocket scientist, or a record producer for that matter, to see the effect you have on your "fans".

    Simon, dear Simon, you have much valuable advice to give the singers in this contest. I am in no way suggesting you hold back on your sometimes biting commentary. All I am suggesting is that you keep your comments directed at the actual performance, not on how the country might, or should, vote. Stick to the performance. That way there would be less chance of people like Jennifer leaving whith John S staying; or LaToya leaving with Jasmine staying. Think about it it Simon. It's not rocket science.

    Yours truly, a disgruntled but devoted AI fan.... :phhht

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