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Thread: Paula Adbul, Judge

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    I found this article today PAULA ABDUL RATES THE FINAL FOUR

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    Quote Originally Posted by WomynLee
    AI wouldn't be the same without her.
    I agree, it would be better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliasmq
    Can anyone explain what exactly is Paula's purpose? Is she suppose to be the parent who tells their child that they did perfect, when they actually stunk it up? We can go through the list of pure Paulaisms and gag....twice. I understand Randy and Simons purpose, but am extremely puzzeled by Paula. Her criticisms aren't even constructive. When she doesn't like someone's performance she tells them they looked Beautiful tonight.????????

    Or that they're "having fun up there!!!"

    Umm Paula the "Who Wants To Have Fun On Stage Today" show is a couple of studios down, you took a wrong turn. BYE!

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    I saw Paula in a video cameo. I believe that she had a "Lydia" type role from Fame.

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    i just can't take paula as a judge of a "singing" competition seriously! if she was looking at it from a truly "pop" angle, which is what i would think they would have her there for (since she was a pop idol), she could actually give some good feedback that was worth something and i might actually give her a "yeah" once in a while. but, she is so serious about the singing and being so peeved and crying last night when latoya was booted...whatever paula...if the music business was really based on singing, girl, you would be a ZERO, a nothing. she of all people should know that...unless she is trying to make ammends from hurting our ears during the 80's and reforming the music business. i admit, she did give jasmine some good advice a while back when she told her to concentrate on her tone and stay in her range....she needs to stick with more of that and less of the "you look beautiful, nice outfit, beautiful eyes, i love you" BS. now if one of those was added with a critical remark, not too bad, but those waste of time lines by themselves...whatever.

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    Could it be that one of the reasons why she can't really seem to give substantial vocal criticism is because she can't sing to save her life?
    That being said I'm a big fan of hers as a performer. I love working out to her CardioDance video--as a dancer she rocks!

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    To me she looks like shes high or drunk sometimes... that's my opinion maybe she's just out of it a lot!

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    I really do like Paula, but I sometimes wonder what she's on. A week or so ago she appeared to be stoned, or drunk. Then the crying jag after LaToya got voted off was a little over the top. She seems to need a break from the whole affair. I am beginning to wish she'd be replaced.

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    it just bothers me that when shes judging on AI and when she's special guest for ET show, she says totally different things. differernt opinions. different criticisms. she acted like john stevens was the worst thing that ever happened when hudson got off but when she interviewed him several days later when he got booted...she sweet talked and babied him. its like she cant say bad things to their faces but when theyre not in the same room...she criticizes them. except last tuesday with jasmine....but i just thought she didnt take whatever she was taking...cause she kind of looked normal that night if you know what i mean.

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    Yeah I really have felt she was on something twice out of 3 series - last year on Country Week, I thought she went over the top big time, and this year on Motown night - well the only thing I really remember is her critique of Camile where she really praised her, but then called her Carmen~! I thought there was something up with her then.
    However on the whole, I really like Paula this year - her faves seem to be my fave nad what I want to say, if I were a judges, she seems to say for me!

    And come on, people - we've gotta give her tons of credit for championing Trenyce last year. From early on, she stood out for her- nobody else saw it, but Paula did.

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