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Thread: Kurt Nilsen (representing Norway)

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    Perhaps your comment belongs on the Guy thread or on the general thread.

    Back to Kurt

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    Kurt is NOT called norway's answer to Justin Timberlake,but Guate Ormåsen(the guy who came second) is..Kurt and Justin's voices are not alike at all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by indeedlyme
    Nah i don't reckon this dude can be a world star. I think he would be known in the world as "Mr Ugly Man" if he won, but maybe i was watching a different show to you people, but to me most of World Idol just seemed like a version of UK show 'Stars in their eyes' where the contestants try and sound like the person who originally sang the song they were singing.

    But to be honest i don't see Kurt appearing on Top of the Pops in the future or going on a worldwide tour. I think he should just stay and make music for the people of Norway!

    Thank you and goodnight
    Andrew (The 12th Judge of World Idol)
    Kurt can't help it that he got a voice that sound's like Bono's,he is born with that voice,it's his natural voice!But when Kurt sing hi's own songs,he doesen't sound so much like bono,'cause the songs he make isn't U2 lookalikes at all.
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    his best songs are definently

    Weddings off.
    The day after tomorrow (amazing)
    She`s so high.
    and Stuck in a moment!

    he has one norwegian song too Skyfri himmel (cloud free sky?)

    some forums in norway has links to this page

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    Thanks for the links Svedman . Stuck in the Moment is awesome. I even liked Fly me to the moon, and that is so not my music.

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    Svedman those are the same ones I posted , although from a different site...I guess I wasnt clear enough about that.Thank you for reposting them, since they are just clips from Idol.
    I had done a search at around 2 or 3 in the morning so that I could post the songs for people who were unable to see the show, and I probably didnt make it clear enough that they were show clips.
    Anyway, John is just protecting his site and the artist, and kudos to that.
    Just wanted to make sure people who don't know me do not see that post and view me as a leper or something LOL
    "I like talking to a brick wall, it's the only thing in the world that never contradicts me. "

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    Weddings off is a song he wrote himself,it's on his Cd..

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    I really hope Kurt wins, because his voice is absolutely great and he really has a passion for music.

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    Kurt Nilsen and his CD`s

    Hi, I`m from Norway and quite proud of it right now Kurt is amazing, and is quite popular here in Norway.... If anyone is interested in buying his CD, they can conctact me at zork009@hotmai.com, and I will tell them how to get it

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    Quote Originally Posted by maria_
    Weddings off is a song he wrote himself,it's on his Cd..
    He writes songs in English? Interesting and impressive. Most people can't write songs in their own language.

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