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Thread: Kurt Nilsen (representing Norway)

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    Here is the link I used to hear couple more songs by Kurt. It is norwegian TV channel 2, which aired Idol there, I think you might have to register to listen, but it was free, and it has some english intructions (british flag in some corner), although most of the pages are in norwegian, but it is relatively easy to figure out where to go.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I loved Kurt's performance, I have seen much more homely men go on to make big names for themselves in music (Mick Jagger, Steve Tyler, Tommy Lee, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Buddy Holly and the list goes on... ) If Kurt's cd were available in Canada I would buy it. And I'm pretty sure that's the bottom line.
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    He floored me with that voice! I thought he was leap years better than everyone else (Yelly included).

    It's funny, I never cared for that song until I heard him sing it.

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    I agree that Kurt is an exceptional singer from all the performers at that night. Just listen to his singing and you'd know that he can win a Grammy given a good chance. You go, Kurt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solitaire
    Thanks so much for answering my question.

    I listened to MP3s from the show and was even more impressed with him. He did a great job singing "Fly Me to the Moon." He really has a beautiful voice and obviously can do more than pop/rock.

    Solitaire... where did you listen to the mp3s from the show? I would love to hear him sing "Fly Me To The Moon"! Thanks.

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    I was in MOntreal over Christmas and tried really hard to vote for Kurt as I thought he was head and shoulders the best, but I had no luck whatsoever getting through. I didn't manage to get through for anyone else either. I kept getting taped messages telling me to try again and then shortly after 11 (a little over an hour after it was over) I got messages telling me the number was no longer in service! Very frustrating!

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    Kurt's voice is very good and he deserves to win. Even though world idol havent been aired here in Norway yet I feel confident that Kurt ruled them all.
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    Like we do in the west! Do you think Norway is a third world country?
    Im from Norway and I think Kurt is unbelivable ugly. But he has a great voice and deserves to win!
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    Wow, I was very impressed with him. He has a wonderful voice and is in with a great chance to win.

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    To be honest Kurt's performance was a bit overated, I just thought he tried to sound to much like Bono and he didn't actually make the song his own, unlike Guy Sebastian & Will Young who made the songs they sung there own. I'd have to agree with Australian Idol Judge Ian 'Dicko' Dickson's comments on Kurt, if he won it would be extremely hard to market him to the world.

    I think everyone just wants Kurt to win to prove Simon Cowell wrong, but i don't see Kurt as a World Idol, maybe Norway's idol because you can't expect much from them. Geeez Norway call him there Justin Timberlake!!

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