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Thread: Kurt Nilsen (representing Norway)

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    "I" is now available in Canada


    $16 Cdn which translates to about $12 US

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    Two minutes ago, Kurt Nilsen won the award for Song of the year for She's so High on the norwegian music awards Spellemanns Prisen! He was so happy!
    And I don't think hes ugly at all. To those who say so, f**k you!
    Just have to say something to him in Norwegian: Kurt, du ruler! Du er best! Stemte på deg hele veien både i norsk Idol og World Idol! Digger stemmen din! Stå på!

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    I was looking for fun for "old" contestants and stumbled upon a couple of new songs from Kurt (to my understanding he has just finished recording his second album). You can download an interview from a link here. The interview is in Norwegian, but the first song starts within 30 seconds or so from the beginning of the interview, and the second one is towards the end. Apparently he did sing live in studio during interview (the second song I guess ?). Nice songs imo, feel good -style.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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