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Thread: Kurt Nilsen (representing Norway)

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    I have to agree with Pete Waterman and Simon...he could be the dark horse winner of this whole thing. Great job.

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    I think he was really good.
    We enjoyed his singing and I didn't think he tried to "do a Bono" personally.
    Thought he did great.
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    I thought Kurt was superb. I really wish he'd get his teeth fixed, though.
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    Haunted Lady
    This guy knocked my socks off. What a voice! I had been trying to figure out which one I liked best as all but maybe one or two were very good, but Kurt was exceptional.

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    He was great, what I am hoping now is that his CD will be released to US markets soon, so I can get it. U2 is one of my all time favorite groups, and I listened to Beautiful Day before Kurt's performance to compare. I can't believe I am saying this, but I think Kurt does more justice to U2 songs that U2 does His voice is just perfect for that style of music.

    Someone was wondering in show thread if his CD in english or norwegian. At least the tracklisting is all in english:
    01: Here She Comes

    02: All You Have to Offer

    03: Breathe You in

    04: Last Day of Summer

    05: Lost in Despair

    06: Games We Play

    07: Sue Me

    08: Weddings Off

    09: Ordinary World

    10: She´s So High

    11: Smell the Roses

    12: I
    I have heard 'She's So High' and 'All You Have to Offer', they are fantastic
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    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I would like to get my hands on that CD

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    He was so cool.
    They said his first single was "She's so high", I used to love that song

    IF he wins, I won't be disappointed.

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    This guy is my #1 pick with Guy from Auz a close #2.
    I'd buy his CD!
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    CaNaDiAn FaN
    Kurt was awesome last night!!! I threw some votes his way.

    I wasn't looking when they first showed him but when I heard "father of two and a plumber" I turned around saw him and said "Oh boy, this isn't good. But I heard him sing and he was awesome.

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    I thought he was fantastic. He got all my votes. I even enjoyed all his performance clips from past shows. And Kelly said it best, "Kurt was awesome, Kurt might win." Of all the voices I heard, I would probably run right out and buy an album from this guy.
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