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Thread: Kurt Nilsen (representing Norway)

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    I don't think Kurt will win, because I have a feeling that Guy will get the title. But I think if people write (hand written letters) to the record company, just to let them know that there is some interest, they might still end up selling some of his CDs in North America or other parts of the world. Obviously it wouldn't be a huge hit, since it's probably only the "Idol" audience who would know about him. But atleast it would be available to those who were interested.

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    VIKING From Nor

    Kurt Nilsen From Norway In World Idol

    To by the Norwegian CD of Kurt in World Idol please go to:


    He also have hes own band by the name "Fenrik Lane".

    You can by the Fenrik Lane CD here:

    Fenrik Lane

    Hope this help. This is links directly to the order scheme so there is no need for Norwegian language.(I hope)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrineLise
    In Norway, (where I am from, so excuse my English.) they showed commercials of Kelly Clarkson’s new album all the time during the breaks of the show. I think this will be a huge advantage for her, and very unfair to the other competitors. Because now we got to here her perform three other world hits of hers, in-between the other contestants! What do you think about this? Is it favoring? Do not be surprised if Ms Yelly get the top score from Norway! Do not get me wrong, she will probably win anyway…(I really enjoyed her performance!).

    And of course I am hoping Kurt will win. I feel really sorry for all of you who have not got the opportunity to listen to him more. He has just an unbelievably amazing voice!!! So really hope the world would give our little hobbit a chance! (And I might add that it seems you agree with me regarding Kurt, right?)
    And let us not forget that in the US they cut away the scene when Simon Cowell told Kurt he was ugly. Did they cut it away, so the americans couldn't get sympathi for Kurt and start vote for him just because of that?

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    More of Kurt

    Look under his photo, you will see three links on the right
    first one is an interview with him, sorry but it is not in English
    second is a clip of "lost in despair" ... I thought that one was really beautiful!!!
    third one is "Graceland"
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    I translated the interview for you

    Kurt Nilsen wrote the songs to his first record on the road this summer.
    It has been real hectic this summer after he won Idol in May.

    It has been fatiguing making the record done.

    Poor critics.
    Under the competition he was constantly told how great he was and how great he sang. But the last days, the critics has been rather lukewarm for Kurts performances.

    - I try to not let the words go in on me. I know personally what I can do, and I'm happy that I have that gift. I don't care what the critics say. I don't make a record for them, but to the people.

    The autumns winner.
    Kurt admit that he is sick of his debut-singel "She's so High" after singing it a countless number of times and after hearing it on the radio the whole summer.

    - Yes, you get some kind of degree of saturation (fullness?)

    "I" has already sold over 65.000 copies and most people believe that Kurt will be the winner of this autumns record sale.

    - It's totally unbelievable. I remember how happy I was when we sold 1000 records with Fenrik Lane, a record that took us 1 year.

    - What's up with Fenrik Lane then?

    - It's on ice right now. I work a lot now and have full days, but they are in the studio right now, enjoying and making some music. They're delighted too.

    - They aren't envious?

    - No, I don't think so. I think they appreciate what has been done.

    - What happens when the next round of Idol is running and "fights" with you (the charts)?

    - Maybe I can take a trip with Fenrik Lane on a tour in Norway, and I can try to get away from the whole Idol "thing". Me, I like to sing, so I try to do that as best as I can.

    - Do you consider to "break up" with the Idol mark?

    - No. I will probadly always be the guy that won Idol, so that I don't go around thinking so much about. But under the next round I will probadly do some new things.
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    Wow...thanks for the translation, atencion!

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    Thanks for the translation. I don't think Kurt really understands what he's in for. If his contract with 19 is anything like the American contracts, he probably doesn't have any say in what he's going to be doing. The Idols can't eat or piss without 19's permission. Ruben Studdard did not get to have his former bandmates play on his album. Clay Aiken had to get 19 to "loan" him to his own foundation for a fundraiser and 19 controlled what he did for it.

    And, instead of touring Norway, I think he'll be touring the world. I know his Norwegian fans are afraid that he's not going to get exposure outside of Norway, but I predict that, in the future, his fans will be complaining that he's not in Norway enough. I'd bet a chunk of money that, in 2004, Americans are going to see Kurt's CDs in the stores, hear Kurt on the radio, see Kurt on tv (if only on AI3), and maybe even see him tour with one of the other Idols. His sound is exactly the kind or rock/pop sound that is popular here. He will fit right in among Dave Matthews, The Calling, Train, Matchbox 20, and U2. And he won't have to fight the Idol stigma and competition politics as much since he wasn't a part of AI. So, he may find it easier to get radio play than Kelly, Clay, and Ruben have.
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    Here is the first american review of Kurts debutalbum I :


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    Quote Originally Posted by heyharmony
    Here is the first american review of Kurts debutalbum I :

    Here r the links to Kurts other songs he song when he was in the norwegian idol-contest. They r legal :


    Personly I love hes version of U2`s Stuck in the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [Kyrre]
    A link to norwegian television - TV2:

    woo hoo! that was worth all the hassle of registering for the website. i missed the world idol competition and was dying to hear what all the Kurt hoo-ha was all about. he's awesome, the little tub o' goo!
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