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Thread: Kelly Clarkson (representing the United States)

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    I wonder if that voice trouble rumor from way back has anything to do with why she held back that high note that she did on AI1. She did look and sound good. IMHO, there are only maybe two who were any competition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehd
    Kelly Clarkson was virtually unknown outside the USA and Canada before World Idol.
    Doesn't she have a top 10 single in the UK? I know Miss Independent has done pretty well here, I see it on music tv all the time. And hey, i've got her album...

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    I'm just sad not to get the high note this go round...that was complete chills and goosebumps moment for me when she pulled it during the original AI competition. I got the vibe that she was considering it but not feeling confident in it and that's why she changed the arrangment of the song a bit to match what her voice was telling her. None the less, very good performance, I was just hoping for that fuzzy feeling from the high note again.

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    I thought Kelly did OK. Maybe because we've seen her "tear it up" more we all weren't that impressed with this performance. I didn't care for outfit. I was very impressed by how humble she was when the judges were critiquing her performance, like her future depended on her winning this contest.

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    Kelly is fairly well known in Australia too, Miss Independent did very well and Low is still in the charts. She also visited here earlier this year and performed on our idol show. I liked Kelly on World Idol but I don't think it was the best she could have done.

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    Whats the deal with Kelly Clarkson?

    Why was it that people like Kelly Clarkson and Will Young, two of the leading competitors of World Idol seem as if they'd rather be sitting at home than giving it their all? Was it just me or did Kelly Clarkson look and sound off? She really did seem like she was reserved or shying away. Probably the best entertainer on the show yet she seemed to be 'off to the side' most of the time. I would have thought she and Will Young would have shown why they were the most successful and given it their all.

    There are a few reasons why i think they were the way they were:

    - The main reason is that they both don't NEED to win like the other competitors because they are already more famous than the competition will make them. When your already at the top with nine or ten hungry competitors nipping at your feet, the only place to go is down.

    - Kelly Clarkson was apparently sick and was not feeling well enough to give her best.

    - Will Young didn't feel welcome representing the UK when British Idol runner up Gareth Gates has already overshadowed his own success. Yet Will was the one who had the opportunity to compete in the World event rather than the more successful Gates.

    What do you think?

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    I don't think it was Kelly's best performance, but it certainly wasn't that bad...I didn't care for the hat she wore either, but that's just my opinion. I still think she was one of the best performers, even if she was a little bit off.

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    Kelly has been on a media blitz all over the world for the release of her CD. She has an obivious edge up against everyone else. She's also been around for a couple years... this Guy person just was crowned Idol 5 weeks ago... its really not that even.

    I think it will be Kelly by a landslide- There are a lot of Canadian Kelly fans that will vote for her over those others. And if I lived closer to the boarder, I'd drive up to Canada and find a pay phone and vote a couple times...

    yah- i'm a dedicated Kelly fan! lol

    It should be a fun show next week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haunted Lady
    It's a damn shame we can't keep politics out of something like this. It's a bunch of talented young people who are doing their best to represent their countries, kind of like the Olympics. I really enjoyed seeing all of the singers and wish them well. I truly don't care what country they're from or what that country's politics are - I just like to hear them sing.
    Great comments, Haunted Lady !

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    Quote Originally Posted by NZ_Idol_Fan
    Doesn't she have a top 10 single in the UK? I know Miss Independent has done pretty well here, I see it on music tv all the time. And hey, i've got her album...
    'Miss Independent' charted on the UK charts at #6 and spent 3 weeks within the Top 20 slot.

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