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Thread: Who Are The AJ"S Fans In Real Life?

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    Who Are The AJ"S Fans In Real Life?

    The purpouse of this tread is to get to now each other better because all we pretty much now from each other is that we all have something in common and thats, that we all enjoy American Juniors now so there for on the bottom fill out these questions and when you reach number 7 state which forum member do you think has the best opinions or atlest you and this member always seem to agree in everything and by the end we will atlest now each other a bit more!

    1. Name : William Rondon
    2.From : New York City.
    3.Fav Junior : Katelyn & AJ.
    4.Hobbies : Filming movies with my friends, playing any type of sports,listening to music, and just hanging out.
    5.Fav shows : AJ, The fresh prince of Bell Air, and Friends.
    6.Descendants : Am Spanish.
    7.Fav Forum Member : americanbabe (we seem to have the same opintions!)

    Question 7 will be followed up as a poll as well as question 3!
    If every forum member answers we'll now alot more about each other than what we use too!

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    1. Name : Kitten
    2.From : Grand Rapids, MI
    3.Fav Junior : Danielle
    4.Hobbies : Sleeping!!! Eating:-) Photography, singing, music, and just plain old chillin'
    5.Fav shows : AJ, The Simpsons
    6.Descendants : German, Yugoslavian, Norwegian, Welsh (I'm a "mutt!")
    7.Fav Forum Member : Myself, I don't really "know" anyone

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    Please use the Introduction thread, in the Announcements forum for this kind of thing...


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