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Thread: An Idea Of How To Re-Promote The American Juniors

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeautifulSoul
    I would have to agree. The group has good singers. But they are on the boring side. Not even Tori and Taylor have that charismatic power that I thought they would bring to the group. If they have an AJ2, they should just join the members of both together. I was thinking about that. But then it seems pointless to have shafted the others from the first AJ.
    Like I said sometime yesterday, this group is just a bunch of singing faces right now. At the moment, all of the kids are far too reserved to add any personality to the group. Part of the problem is that they are currently too flabergasted by this whole experience to be able to handle interviews and other things well. This is extremely obvious with Danielle and Chauncey.

    Unfortunatly, I don't really see a solution. Adding a sixth member (either from the finalists or not) would have all sorts of bad repurcusions. Even if America had voted in one of the charismatic finalists (AJ, Jordan, or Morgan), 19E would have to take great pains to avoid making them look like the leader of the group. It seems to me that, at the moment, 19E wants everyone in the group to appear equal, even if Lucy will be singing lead 75% of the time, with the other 25% going to Danielle on ballads. Of course, I can't really think of a single group where a leader didn't eventually emerge, so 19E is probably preparing to install one of these kids in that position some day. Lucy would make a lot of sense, but I have suspicions that attempts are being made to mold Danielle into that persona.

    Marketing the singing for airplay shouldn't be that difficult though. The group is very versatile now, and has the right voices to sing pretty much anything that doesn't have a powerful male part. They just need some new songs that are good and specifically tailored to the group's voices.

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    They haven't been given a chance to show personality. They sing, they dance...that's all. Ryan showed more personality than they did. That's where they went wrong with the show. They should have let us get to know the kids more, or at all. Give us interviews, background, heck I'll even take the cheesy TCA skits. American Idol had a lot more "fluff." It seemed like they just wanted to get through it as quickly as possible. Didn't AI2 get like three 2 hour episodes for their finale or something? Yeah, the ratings for AJ weren't nearly as good, but maybe it would have been better if they hadn't screwed it up at the beginning.

    They should have shown all the "journey" videos at the beginning of the competition. Most importantly, they should have let the kids talk. In two months, all we ever heard from most of these kids was "thank you" after the judges' comments. It's no wonder they don't know what to say now. But they can learn. They just need a chance. These kids aren't shy, obviously, since they're perfectly comfortable performing on national tv. Danielle may give off that impression, but when it comes down to it, she loves being in the spotlight. I'm sure they would love to show us what they're like. Now if only 19E would let them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruceeisner
    I hate opening up Pandora's box and say that the quickest solution would be to add Jordon and AJ back in. Others may disagree of course and say other ones but they have the most personality.

    I think this would be a really good idea. Both AJ and Jordan could add a great deal to the groups fan base.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruceeisner
    They could also maybe add someone else -- an outside person that they know about. Or even make AJ2 about finding the sixth person.
    This is also a great idea. Much better then having AJ2 decide an entirely new group. Two groups could just end up competing with each other, and that would pretty much destroy the chances of either.

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    As much as I'd love to add members in. It would pretty much just leave a bunch of UNHAPPY people. If you had to pick two from the finals, it would have to be AJ and Chantel out of fairness because its obvious that they had the second and third most votes. Also, this whole "adding one or two more members" thing gives rise to the whole "why cant they just all be in it then" arguement. And Fox and 19E would then have a lot of explaining to do. Unless the do in fact consider having all 10. Doubtful. Very doubtful.

    But somehow merging the members of AJ1 and AJ2?...now we're getting somewhere.

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    I see a lot of good points given.

    One thing that has really really bothered me a lot about the AJ group is that they don't sing any "original" songs just for them. They are singing songs that already belong to a group, and what's worse, the same groups. S Club 7/8. And while they may do a good job performing the songs, it's just same lame ripoff. It's the that Abba group from a few years ago that did only Abba songs for their entire first album (where's they go anyway? haha). TPTB need to give the AJ's something to make them their own. Have a group of writer's write songs specifically for the group. And while they're at it, write songs specifically for each kids to be fair so that even though they carry the group right now (Lucy and Danielle I mean) but write a song that Tori can shine on, same with Taylor and Chauncey. Written for their range, they're style, and keep all the fans happy. The band is completely fan based and while Danielle and Lucy have the talent to make the group good, Tori and Taylor have a lot of fans and if they don't get the exposure just like the rest, the fans are going to stat dropping off and pretty soon, no one will listen and there goes the plan of AJ's. I know this is basically what Beautiful Soul said, I am just agreeing!

    I also agree with Daydreamer16 (I think was the name) that they didn't really give us a chance to get to know the kids. At least on AI they showed a lot more behind the scenes. People like to feel like the know the people in the group, and with this group it's hard to do that. People like to find common bonds, thus forming a like for the entire group. They should have done a lot more "interviewing" the kids than just "does taylor boss you around" and "how have things changed" garbage. It's about time to stop playing off the "Thompson sisters" thing, for their sake and ours as fans. Let them be themselves now. They are in the band, now let them be.

    I'm sure there are more things I could say, but that's about it for now!

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    well said i agree.

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    They have no choice but to feauture Lucy as much as possible and use Danielle's voice on ballads. They are really handicapped by having the Thompsons and Chauncey, no offense to them or their fans but they clearly look lost in all this. I don't think its only a coincidence that all three of them are from California and they were the first three to get in.
    I agree they lack any kind of personality and charisma. Just look how boring that questions and answer segment was on the coach on the special. Now imagine how much better that would have been with AJ and Jordan doing it.
    I've said all along that once the Thoimpsons and Chauncey were chosen they were in trouble.

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