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Thread: How Have Your Opinions Changed Of Each Junior?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GroveingIt
    1. Danielle White- I've always LOVED Danielle. I'm in dissagreement with many of you, however. Ballads are her strong point, yes, but was I the only one that really liked "The Locomotion?" I thought it was cute, and was better sung than some of the other contestants fast songs. I think the fact that she can sing ballads BETTER than fast songs hurt her.

    2. Chantel Kohl- I liked her at first. Now, I just don't...

    3. A.J. Melendez- I've never been a big A.J. fan, but after "Alive" I'll admit he desrved to be there. He's ego's just too much for me to handle.
    Yea I think that I was the only one that actually thought Danielle was good enough to win for Locomotion...until Deborah and company totally ruined it w/ their comments. Atleast she doesn't pant when she dances and sings...unlike some people...*cough* CHANTEL *cough*

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    My opinion of Taylor has certainly changed.

    I always thought she was a very pretty and sweet girl who had a nice voice, but after watching her performances in the final competition week and last night on the special, I have become so impressed with her dancing.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I also have to give kudos to Taylor. I wasn't that impressed with her early on, and then we didn't get to see her do much. But she proved herself last night.

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    My opinion of Chuancy never changed...

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    i think the group should have been:

    taylor - shes great! she can sng and dance and has no trouble on stage. ive liked her the whole time.

    tori- alothough she's slower than the others, shes proved herself. shes only 9 and look at what she can do. sing dance and perform all together. ive liked her and she deserved it.

    chauncey- umm... i think morgan would have been better. sorry, chauncey fans.

    lucy- shes good, chantel cant sing AND dance at the same time. so lucy was a good choice.

    danielle- uhhh sorry but danielle is such a slow song/ballad type of girl. she didnt deserve in the group.

    AJ- Aj deserved to make it into the group~ hes an AWESOME dancer and sings well. he proved himself, america really failed at not choosing him. plus they needed another guy

    jordan- jordan should work on her voice, then she could egt somewhere, the girls got some good stage presence!

    katelyn- why didnt they choose her? she was good!

    morgan- honestly i didnt and still dont like morgan but he has such a better voice than chauncey! id rather have morgan than chauncey!

    chantel- chantel is a good solo artist for slow songs and no dancing, she cant do both. i think her and danielle should make a duet they both cant do good in pop songs.

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    my opinions are pretty much the same, except at the beginning of the series i thought the thompsons seemed kind of stuck up but now i think they're extremely talented, take a good command of the stage and are sooooooo adorable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn
    Tori - At first I thought she was very overated, but watching her Let er' Rip performance and her video's over the last few weeks, I realised she wasnt all bad

    Taylor - I always thought she was a little cuttie sweetheart with a good voice. Well I still think she has a very good voice, but I have begun to think that she is very concided, which is fine for someone like Brett Farve but not for an 11 yeard old girl.

    Jordan - For the first few weeks I thought she was another contestant with a so so voice. But ever since her ABC performance shes been one of my favorites. Who can deny how cute she is? shes such a sweetie.
    But digging Canyon Gorve? CUMMON!!!

    I have to agree with you Taylor does appear to be conceited. I don't like the way she sits on the stage and leans back holding her mic like she's all that!

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    The Group...

    Danielle: At first I swear I never noticed her...not once! One day I went onto the American Juniors website and looked at her picture and thought, "Oh, she's not pretty enough to be in the group..." I know, bad.........But then I saw her perform, I think it was "Close To You" and she became my absolute favorite! She has such a great voice! I think that her, along with Lucy, should go solo. If I could sing like them, and I was on the show getting all those great comments, I'd quit and try to make it on my own. Screw the group!! I LOVED HER "LOCOMOTION" PERFORMANCE!

    Lucy: Ever since "Get Here" I've loved her voice. Maybe not really her personality becasue she seemed so...boring and not versitile enough. But when she performed "Call Me" I knew that she could sing anything. She's a great performer.

    Chauncey: My opinion has never changed on him...I've loved him since I forst saw him on the first semi-final results show. I saw him smile and fell in LOOOVE.

    Tori: I couldn't stand her at the beginning because she seemed so stuck up. I know that she's a great performer, and she's such a cutie, but...she just annoys me. I have the feeling that seh always will.

    Taylor: She was one of my favorites at the beginning because I kind of felt sorry for her. Lol. Like at the results show I started crying because I was afraid she wouldn't make it to the Top 10. And it would have SUCKED because Tori did...But now I don't really care for her too much. It's not that I don't like her, I just don't notice her. First in, first forgotten.

    The Finalists...

    Katelyn: I've never liked her so no change.

    Morgan: At first he annoyed me, but now I love him! He had the best voice of all the guys, and he's a natural onstage!

    AJ: I could never understand why people thought he was cute...I have NEVER thought that. He has that Justin face only...bigger. I guess that's good, cuz Justin's face is too skinny.

    Chantel: She was my favorite when I first saw her at the auditions becasue she had "evil eyes". You know how you look at people, and you automatically think they're evil cuz of their eyes? Well that's what I thought of her. Not anymore. I like her eyes. Well, my opinion has kind of gone down. I don't think she did good on "Brass In Pocket" which has always been one of my favorite songs, and on that last song she sang...blech. She can't dance.

    Jordan: No opinon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aj and Chantel
    actually she can dance and Chantel had been my fav since the very begining and i never liked danielle. she cant sing fast songs when she danced in teh locomotion it looked like she was tripping herself... it looked wierd
    I happen to think Danielle looked cute in "The Locomotion" and she is among one of the very few finalists who I believe actually have rhythm. Plus I've heard somewhere that she can do the moonwalk.

    Cute little girl who can do the moonwalk = FREAKIN ADORBALE.

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    Danielle's locomotion was great. Her dancing is amazing! If locomotion was her first performance, everyone would have loved it because they didnt know that she could do better! But it was still great. Cept her hair bothered me cuz it was uneven.

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