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Thread: What are the juniors like?

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    What are the juniors like?

    A lot of people have been asking me what the juniors are like, so here ya go!

    Taylor and Tori: I didn't really get to know them that well, so I don't have much to say, but they're usually really reserved and quiet.
    Chauncey: This kid is very sweet, and usually very quiet, but every once in a while he cracks a joke out of nowhere and makes everyone laugh.
    Lucy: Lucy is a super sweet girl, and she will do anything to help others out.
    Danielle: Danielle is really fun to be around. She's really funny and really ditzy.
    AJ: AJ is very sweet and VERY flirtacious. He also loves to be the center of attention.
    Katelyn: I don't really know Katelyn very well either, but she seems very serious and a very centered person. She gets a lot of rest and doesn't goof off a lot.
    Chantel: See AJ. (they're a lot alike)
    Jordan: Jordan is full of energy and lots of fun to be around. (Also see Danielle)
    Morgan: Morgan also loves to be the center of attention and has a great personality.

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    are you for realz canyons sister? not just one of those posers but if you are canyon's sister then that's the best

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    no im not his sister but i do stay with him over the summers!

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    oh so you're like a sister to him is that what your mostly saying but anywayz that's still tightness

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    Aj & clay baby
    That was good now I know more bout AJ!!

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    What about the semi-finalists?

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    I know most of the semi's..

    Kristinia is SO sweet!! shes really funny too

    Kara is the coolest girl like ever. She's really nice and down to earth.

    Canyon-IS SO SWEET!! After he didnt make the finalists, and people were crying he was telling them that they did good and comforting them.

    Julie~shes really really nice and after the show she left immediately because she was really sad

    Grace~Grace is really nice too, they all are. Grace's dad called everyone the night after she sang and told them that she was in the group for sure, and so when she didnt make it she was really upset with her dad.

    That's all i know i think.. if u have any other questions go ahead and ask!!:-D

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    I sort of pictured everyone the way CanyonsSis described EXCEPT Danielle being ditzy. She seems like the shy, quiet type.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YeahYeah
    I sort of pictured everyone the way CanyonsSis described EXCEPT Danielle being ditzy. She seems like the shy, quiet type.
    I think it just takes time for Danielle to become comfortable in new situations. Her personality shown through a lot more on the last results show than it has in the past.

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