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Thread: Show Discussion - 8/18 **Spoilers**

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    My feelings of tonight:

    1. Ryan
    2. Toya
    3. Billy
    4. Gary
    5. Audrey
    6. Jenny

    1. Toya
    2. Jenny
    3. Ryan
    4. Billy
    5. Gary
    6. Audrey

    ...so it looks bad for Audrey.

    Tonight was one of those nights where if you just closed your eyes when Jenny was on, you could really appreciate her singing. But as soon as you open them up - snore. She lacks any stage presence, barely moves when singing, doesn't make eye contact, and has very poor posture.

    Lots of bad outfits again. I've been assuming the competition provides image consultants of some sort, but maybe not. If they are, they aren't earning their pay, that's for sure.

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    I would rank the performances tonight:

    6. Audrey
    5. Billy
    4. Gary
    3. Jenny
    2. Ryan
    1. Toya

    I thought Jenny looked good tonight. She had her hair straightened and she had her Sunday go to meeting dress on.

    I think Audrey should go after 2 weeks in a row of bad performances but I'm sure I'll be shocked again tomorrow night.

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    My opinions of tonight's performances...

    5/6 Tie:Ryan & Gary

    Toya is really good,and it shows every night.The judges totally praise her,but I think she deserves it (well,most of it,they are going too far)
    I really really really really don't like Jenny,but tonight she was really good! Not much stage presence,but really good voice.
    Billy was....well,Billy-ish.Definetly not exceptional,just meh.
    Audrey was so-so. I don't think the French accent's a bad thing,I just think she's going to have trouble with it if/when she gets into the top 3.
    Ryan and Gary really tick me off. Ryan's dancing is really weird,and he's stuck in the 70's too much for my taste. Gary has a weird...thing to his voice that makes it,well,girly,IMO. I didn't enjoy their performances tonight at all (I'm in the minority...)
    My overall opinion of tonights show:
    First off all:What was up with the Ben-boxer-whatever-you-wanna-call-it thing!?!? Totally inappropriate and not funny at all (IMO) Anyway,the performances were mostly meh,although IMO this was Jenny's best performance. I want Ryan or Gary to go,but I think it will probably be Billy

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    I realized that I don't like the contestants that the judges loooooooove. --->Jenny &Toya. They do sing really well, in their own style, but the judges seem to never have anything bad to say about them! It bugs me that I can't like them!! Am I the only one that thinks Gary didn't sing that song very well? I don't know what to think anymore!

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    1. Ryan
    2. Billy
    3. Audrey
    4. Toya
    5. Jenny
    6. Gary
    I think that Gary is lucky that he made it this far! He seems like a sweet guy but I think he is just outmatched by people like Toya and Ryan.
    Jenny has never been one of my favourites and quite honestly I don't understand the fuss the judges make about her. I guess it is a matter of opinion! Toya and Audrey are very good singers but I think Zack was right about Toya ...she is a diva and she has a great voice but Canada has enough Divas (Celine, Shania, Alanis etc...) I think Billy chose a song that was perfect for him!! He has the voice and the power for that song!! Ryan...another perfessional performance!! He needs to work on the dance steps a bit

    I would love to see Billy and Ryan in the final 2!!!

    One more thing....WHY did Toya pick a Stevie Wonder song?? Did we not have enough on Stevie... I mean Motown night???

    Anyway that is just my 2 cents worth about tonights show....much better than Motown night!!

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    Ok first thing. You all know it was Mila Mulroney that Jon was hitting on in the audience right? Could the boxers have been any more conservative (Yuk Yuk)? Even Angus of AC/DC had canuck flag ones .

    Oh yeah the songs .
    Ryan did ok , but not his best.I thought he would do Margaritaville!
    I loved Billy's CCR. Zack gets his shirts from the same guy- what was he yakking about.
    Audrey was good.Just Good.
    Gary did not sing that song very well. I don't know what the fuss was.
    Jenny looked beautiful , and she sure can sing. She is totally in the wrong competition however.
    Toya ok , but friends don't let friends wear satin pants, and we already had enough Stevie.
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    Alright. I listened to the performances a second time. My revised rankings...

    1. Jenny
    4444. Billy
    999999. Audrey

    She lacks any stage presence, barely moves when singing, doesn't make eye contact, and has very poor posture.
    That's what I love about Jenny (aside from her incredible voice). She "performs" the way she does because that's how she is. Honest expression. There's not a fake bone in her body.

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    hmm My Rank:

    1. Jenny
    2. Toya
    3. Gary
    4. Ryan
    5. Audrey
    6. Billy

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    Chantel is awesome. I also like AJ, Morgan and Danielle. I find it unbelievable that they didn't make the final cut.
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