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Thread: Danielle White, Chantel Kohl, Tori and Taylor Thompson ROCK!!

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    Danielle White, Chantel Kohl, Tori and Taylor Thompson ROCK!!

    Why Danielle ROCKS!!!
    Danielle is a great and wonderful singer! She is good a performing!! She seems like a great person with a great personality and a kind heart!!^.^

    Why Chantele ROCKS!!
    She is a really good singer!! She seems really friendly and kind!! She will do good in the future even if she didn't get into the group!!! And she seems to care about everyone!!^_^

    Why Tori Thompson ROCKS!!
    She seems like she is a really great person!! She is a wonderful and really good singer!! And She seems like she enjoys just being a singer!!*_*

    Why Taylor Thompson ROCKS!!
    Taylor is a great singer!! She likes everyone and seems like a great person!! She is wonderful to watch and can really express her self!%_%

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    I'm closing this thread. If you would like to compliment a contestant, please use each contestant's individual thread.

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